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    Anticpiating Minds


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      Anticipating Minds

      by sara morgan rea ·

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      AI programming without the need for an advanced degree in Mathematics or some other impractical degree, I may have something for you. Anticipating Minds ( produces intelligent development tools.

      <p>They offer a <b>FREE</b> SDK available for download at{6CCADCBF-179C-4D81-9E61-E470E3477038}. The SDK provides a .NET class library and allows .NET developers to access three AI-based technologies:

      <p><ul><li>Search algorithms for general problem solving</li>
              <li>Genetic Algorithms</li>
              <li>Artificial Neural Network</li>

      <p>For the Search algorithms, you can implement a variety of different algorithms such as breadth-first, depth-first, uniform cost, greedy, and A *.

      <p>The Neural Nets namespace allows you to represent a feed-forward neural network that uses back propagation as a learning algorithm. Learning can occur with weights decay or with momentum influence.

      <p>You can implement a gene class which represents a template for defining possible solutions. You can then apply genetic algorithms on those genes to search the problem space for the optimal solution.

      <p>If any of you download the SDK and create some really interesting program using it, let me know. Or better yet, send it to me and I will post it for everyone to download.  Makes me think a contest of some sort might be in line.

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      A new AI Language?

      by sara morgan rea ·

      In reply to Anticpiating Minds

      The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is hard at work on a new software language they affectionately call ISO 18629 PSL. The language uses AI technologies to assign meaning to a processing command. It was designed to be used in the manufacturing industry, but it seems to have potential for use in any business process.


      The new process specification language uses language understanding to associate commands with specifics of a manufacturing plan. It can therefore assign meaning to concepts and allow the processes to act and react intelligently.


      According to an article in TechNewsWorld, the Business Communication Company (BCC) predicts that this will be at least a $21 Billion market by 2007. And, with plans to make the PSL available as a web service within the next year, this may be a golden opportunity for some forward thinking software developer (hint, hint).


      For more information, refer to the following two online articles:

      <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Information Week</a>

      <a href=” target=”_blank”>Tech News World</a>


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      Microsoft Research

      by sara morgan rea ·

      In reply to Anticpiating Minds

      Microsoft just released a nice little interactive demo thingy this week. You can access it at Now, it is marketing tool, so you might want to skip the intro and from the main menu just click the Inside Microsoft Research link.


      The demo gives you an overview of research being done in the following key areas:

      • Visualization and Interaction (display technologies)
      • Smartscreen Technology (focuses on machine learning and decision analysis)
      • Speech Technology (one of my favorites)
      • Gesture Technology (from the Adaptive Interaction Group)
      • Media Browsing
      • Social Computing


      The demo allows you to get info from senior researchers regarding what each technology is, how it will help you, and where it is headed. If you have a few extra minutes, it is a nice way to get up to speed on that the Microsoft Research group is working hard on.

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      Practical AI Programming in Java

      by sara morgan rea ·

      In reply to Anticpiating Minds

      An independent Java consultant, published author, and AI enthusiast, Mark Watson has written an online guide to practical AI programming in Java. The free web book is available for download at


      The zipped PDF file is a 116 page manual that covers a variety of AI topics. The book is free, but Mark does ask for a modest $2.00 donation via PayPal if you enjoy the book (I think it is more than fair considering the quality of the content).


      The book covers topics such as the following:

      • Search and Game Playing
      • Natural Language Processing
      • Expert Systems
      • Genetic Algorithms
      • Neural Networks
      • Machine Learning


      The code is written in java, but for .NET developers, it should not be very difficult to translate this to VB.NET or C#. In fact, if anyone does, please contact me and I will post the code on this web site.

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        Practical AI Programming in Java

        by dawgit ·

        In reply to Practical AI Programming in Java

        Prablemo? site unavailible.!. but thanks anyway. (& I was kind of looking forward to translated it too)

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        Practical AI Programming in Java

        by dawgit ·

        In reply to Practical AI Programming in Java

        ok, never mind try # 2 worked (erase from end of link the period)

        there is a lot of fun stuff that comes with that down-load,

        Thanks for the TIP……………….. 

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      The Genetic Algorithms Archive

      by sara morgan rea ·

      In reply to Anticpiating Minds

      The Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence (NCARAI) is a research program dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of computer systems using AI-based technologies. They were formed in 1982 as a part of the U.S. Naval Research Lab.


      The NCARAR maintains a web site which acts as a repository for information related to research in Genetic Algorithms. You can access the repository at The repository contains links to other sites and is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn about the potential of genetic algorithms and Evolutionary Computation.


      Back issues are stored as gzip-compressed tar files, so you will have to download and use the gzip compression utility if you do not already have access to it. You can access this utility at


      Source code is available in C/C++, Eiffel, Fortran, Java, and Lisp. Anyone that wants to translate some of this code to VB.NET or C#, let me know and I will post the results on this web site.


      Have fun!

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      Virtual Salespeople are coming….

      by sara morgan rea ·

      In reply to Anticpiating Minds

      Talking avatars, like the one featured on this web site, are being used more and more as virtual salespeople. Web-based retailers that do the majority of their business over the internet are realizing that virtual salespeople can help them offer a personal touch. The best part is that companies like Oddcast (SitePal) allow you to create and deploy your own virtual salespeople at a very reasonable price.

      The software giant, Macromedia, recently started deploying virtual salespeople as a way to explain and promote it’s products. Since most of their customers are highly technical developer types, it is not unreasonable to expect they would have the rich media and high speed connection capabilities that make the experience with avatars most successful.

       I highly recommend you check out SitePal’s web site at to see how these talking avatars can be used to increase sales. Also, check out the AI deployment of SitePal’s characters on my Enhanced Computing page. You can have a conversation with my talking avatar, Ginger.

       Have fun!!!!

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      Tool to create simple and quick rule-based apps

      by sara morgan rea ·

      In reply to Anticpiating Minds

      Amzi! inc now offers a beta product named ArulesXL. The tool allows you to develop, test and deliver business rule apps using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (currently, you can buy the beta version for $99 – but you can also download a free trial version for 30 days).

      The tool can be used with MS Excel 2002 or later. I did have a problem when I downloaded the trial version, but I contacted the company support and they immediately worked with me to get a resolution. The issue should not affect future downloads, but if you do have any issues, I can assure you their support is excellent.

      Just to give you an idea of some potential applications that could be created with this tool, consider these:

    • Computing taxes due for an individual or company
    • Estimating benefits for an interview candidate
    • Determining processing workflow based on certain inputs
    • Estimating the price of an item based on market conditions
    • Determining if a loan applicant should be approved
    • Providing legal advice depending on the clients situation
    • Determining what cellular rate plan works best for a customer

      Now, Even though I have downloaded the tool and gone through the tutorial, I have yet to create a rule-based app using the tool. I am going to try to get to it and if I learn of more, I will post more. But, if anyone else downloads the tool and uses it, please let me know what you think of it. I can see a lot of potential with this tool, so I think for certain situations, it could be very useful