AntiVirus for SBS2003

By acmahajan ·

I have a fresh install of Windows Server 2003 running and I'm trying to find good anti-virus software. I tried installing Norton SystemWorks 2004 on it, but it said that it could not run on a server, only workstation. Does anyone have any recommendations?


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by 3xp3rt In reply to AntiVirus for SBS2003

My recommendation is NOD32, or C&A eTrust. Recently I use on Widows2003 SBS eTrust from C&A, but I want to migrate to NOD32, because the eTrust need a lot of resource on server and on workstations.

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by pkar In reply to Recommendation


you've bit my by few mins


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by pkar In reply to AntiVirus for SBS2003

try nod32

I'm using it on several networks of my clients and it works perfect.
You can also protect exchange or linux mail server and it comes with lan update server for local workstations.


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symantec enterprise or sbedition

by lstivers In reply to AntiVirus for SBS2003

i have been using symantec enterprise edition for a long time and i think it is great, it allows you to run a server and a client piece, the client piece is updated automatically by the server piece, it is very very good software and perfect for any business size, you might be able to get a free trial by logging on to the symantec website.

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Have you looked at sophos?

by The B_rad H In reply to AntiVirus for SBS2003

You are probably going to get many varied opinions on this one because we have all had our individual experiences (both good and bad) with AV and AV companies.

I think it would be worth your while to look at sophos ( and you can download their trial version for free (as you can with most AV's) Now I need to warn you - I am a reseller of this product - so do your own due dilligence!

Here is why I like it. I own a small systems integrations company and we are asked to supply, install and then provide ongoing management and support for companies that need total endpoint security. This covers small to medium enterprises.

I like sophos because it is hands down the easiest and simplest endpoint security product to deploy, update and manage centrally. Their management console makes it so easy to set policies, remove viruses adaware and spyware all in one and view network computers by status, type etc.

But probably the best feature of sophos is there phone support. The phone rang twice and the guy I spoke to had me sorted out in 2 minutes. These guys know their stuff, they are not just people paid to read a script and then tell you they will send someone out tomorrow. Not bad considering that I rang him at 2am monday morning!

Ok - I will stop raving on. Needless to say, make sure that sophos is on your list of AV providers to check out.


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