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By halibut ·
I am looking for a managed AntiVirus product for a non profit organization that I care for, volunteering my time to the mantainence of their servers and workstations.

They have a SBS 2003, windows 2003 member server, and 18 WinXP WS. They are currently using Grisoft Managed AV product and to be blunt, they suck. I am looking at the big three, Symantec, McAfee and Trend as well as F-Prot, Kaspersky Labs, and Sophos.

Price, management of the product, ease of use, and stability are key needs.

What is everybody's thoughts and opinions of these products? And please be constructive, and give reasons for opinions.

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Avast is pretty nice

by Pete Russell In reply to Antivirus products

I have avast anti-virus on my workstation and it works very well.

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by SypherSoul(sp) In reply to Antivirus products

Symantec is the best choice
managed updates (live update feature)
includes the fixs for any virus trojan or malicious activity involved with the network
Enterprise edition a must have

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The only issue is....

by halibut In reply to Anitivirus

Don't get me wrong I like Symantec products but it is also the most expensive. We are comparing $2600 for Symantec and $500 for Fprot. Trojan and Malicious activity are detected and cleaned by all the products as well, and all have managed updates. I need more to why one is better than another and a cost justification.

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CA E-Trust AV

by Astromusicman In reply to Antivirus products

We've been using Computer Associates E-Trust AV for a number of years now (since V 4.5). Once installed, it basically takes care of itself. We use an admin server (and 3 distribution servers - for 350 computers) and have not had any virus problems since version 6.0 came out. Other than a few little problems here and there (which they all seem to have), it's been working flawlessly.

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by rharber In reply to Antivirus products

We use McAfee and have been VERY satisfied with the results. They detect more virus/trojans than any other virus scanner. We use the managed solution they have called Epolicy Orchestrator which updates, installs and gives you reports. They have a small business version that is less expensive and has the remote management capability. Norton did nothing for me but cause problems with all of the false positives and blue screens it causes. We have been using McAfee for over 5 years now and have not had one infection. The new version of Virusscan has buffer overflow protection which helps when someone is trying to exploit a Microsoft vulnerability. This version even has a anti spyware module that plugs right into Virusscan and it detects spyware that some of the others pass right up. If you want your problem solved, go McAfee..

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by The Weekly Geek In reply to Antivirus products

First I have maintained several networks in the last six years. Ranging from 250+ PC's with 8 Servers to 1 Server and 25 PC's on a network.
I have used McAfee in a corporate environment for about 5 years at Diversified Plastics, it was very difficult to maintain, upgrades were expensive and time consuming.
I used Norton Enterprise for a little over a year at Life Mortgage, it worked well but quarantined too much, it should have cleaned or deleted more. Yes, I did properly set it up.
As for F-Prot Anti-Vir and AVG, I have had customers with more issues that caused constant (I am talking weekly to monthly) removal and reinstall of these products on a corporate level.
I have only used Computer Associates on peer-to-peer networks.
Since October I have been using NOD32 by ESET and I am currently transferring all my customers as their current subscriptions expire to NOD32. It is inexpensive compared to McAfee, Symantec and Computer Associates.
It was a little more difficult in the initial set up than Symantec but that was my first roll over and once I got the hang of it (the installation pattern needed) it was a breeze.
Now the negative, the updates, they are internet heavy. I solved this by having 1 server get the updates and then the clients grab the updates off the server. The second issue is that I either accidentally keep turning on Advanced Heuristics or it is set to come on by default but you must go in and turn them off for the e-mail otherwise anything with a PDF attachment takes 1 to 2 minutes to download. Turning this off (while keeping "normal? heuristics) is a simple removal of a check box.

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re: NOD32

by GaryRW In reply to NOD32

You failed to mention the most key advantage of NOD32: Light on resources but almost unsurpased at detection. Also, its heuristics is one of the best allowing detection of probables before signatures are distributed.

The "Internet heavy" issue is because it checks every hour for possible updates. It often updates 2-5 times/day as needed. All this frequency creates quite a load on their servers and it is routine to get "Error connecting to server(s)...." in Event Log. Your responsible way of d/l once and internal distribution is the proper way for any update policy.

Symantec works well but it has been a known resource hog for some time. It is inefficently written and will drag down the performance of your system.

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Eset nod32 The Best Antivirus For Server with Nod32 Offline Update

by blue_nike2903 In reply to Antivirus products

Nod32 is a very excellent antivirus.I suggest this antivirus because this antivirus use very minimum Ram and their Powered by the ThreatSense? engine with advanced heuristics, which blocks far more unknown threats than the competition.Make your computer very secure bit per many award gold product.You can download nod32 here <a href="">>Eset Product<</a href>
Nod32 also can offline very good for who don't have internet connection.
<a href="">NOD32 Offline Update </a href> for nod32 here =><a href="">>Eset Offline Update<</a href>

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Is NOD32 the best antivirus?

by cody In reply to Eset nod32 The Best Antiv ...

When you say "blocks far more unknown threats than the competition" - can you refer me to where it mentions this and what other antivirus products it was compared against?

The reason why I ask is that I have used Trend on all my client sites and have found this a very good product as well.

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Trend Micro

by cody In reply to Antivirus products

I have used Trend Micro on all of my client sites.

I use "Worry-Free Business Security ? Advanced" which is an 'all in one' package. They have CHARITY/NON-PROFIT pricing as well.

It has an Exchange scanner for antivirus and spam as well as a client scanner. Lower resources than Symantec, can do updates if clients are outside of the office and quite easy to confirm as it's all web-based.

That's just what we use.

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