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    Antivirus Protection in Windows 10

    by zlzpqx ·


    Does Windows 10 automatically include adequate antivirus protection, without need for subscribing to a paid (or unpaid) antivirus program?

    Thank you.

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      We’ll have to define adequate.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Antivirus Protection in Windows 10

      For the usual web and office work? Yes.

      But then you have folk download cracks and torrents which no known protection can help.

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      For the average user…..

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Antivirus Protection in Windows 10

      …..the free Windows Defender is a good antivirus application that Microsoft updates definitions on a fairly routine basis. Personally I use Defender and Malwarebytes on my system.

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      more than antivirus

      by patriciaslucia ·

      In reply to Antivirus Protection in Windows 10

      It is important to continually patch up devices when using Windows 10 and other software to provide zero-day vulnerabilities. However, as we know the patches can come out late, or they are left to deal with by the user due to time constraints as well as many other reasons.

      If you’re using your device for work as well as home, then you should consider adopting the work policy in respect of keeping your device protected against cybersecurity issues. Your work devices and the ones you use at home should have multi layered cyber security strategy implemented.

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        Why do you worry about Zero-Day?

        by rproffitt ·

        In reply to more than antivirus

        I’ve been around computing for 5 decades working with businesses and not one Zero-Day problem. It’s not the real problem.

        Want a few good examples of what we see?

        1. People download cracks and torrents. Which are pre-infected.
        2. Companies like SolarWinds and what happened next.

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          Zero day issues

          by patriciaslucia ·

          In reply to Why do you worry about Zero-Day?

          You have a lot more experience than me, so i’ll take that onboard, however do you think the zero day is not an issue because there is protection in place for it already that is being used perhaps.

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          The protection is us.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Zero day issues

          Given the troubles folk have with ransomware versus zero-day vulnerabilities it’s easy to point out which is the big problems.

          It’s not as if these OSes don’t have issues that went unnoticed for decades. Both Windows and Linux have such.

          Here’s a decade old one that for many distros (most?) still exist:

          -> My friends in the computer repair and support business would probably lose half their business if folk made backups of what they can’t lose as well as learn how to reinstall their choice of OS.

          Zero-day is way down the list of what they (and I) see.

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          by patriciaslucia ·

          In reply to The protection is us.

          Hi i like the tech radar so will dig into that link and have a read. Agree, about the backups being made. Although if there was an issue with the back up then they could be backing up files with malware etc on them? where as if they backed up with protection, it would be safer.

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