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Antivirus recommendation

By LuisH ·
I work for a non-profit. We want to network 10-15 computers to share internet access. We plan to use ZoneLabs personal firewall, but we also need anti-virus software. Is there a low-cost (or free) antivirus software that can run on Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP and that does on-access scanning?

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by CG IT In reply to Antivirus recommendation

go look at Tech Soup's web site. They usually have Symantec's corporate AV solution there are a faction of the cost.

I used Norton Corporate for years but recently we changed to CA Associates Corporate Protection Suite.

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by TheChas In reply to Antivirus recommendation

There is a well rated open source anti-virus program called ClamWin.

You would need to look over the EULA, or talk to a representative for other options.

I would contact AVG and Avast! to see what they would offer you.


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RE anti virus

by zol In reply to Antivirus recommendation

We are also a non profit. We have been using AVG ( It has served us well.
However, if you go to Grisofts' website you might have difficulty navigating through the hype to get to the free version.

Might I suggest that you go to www., or

Do a search for AVG free version. Click on the link. Save it to a folder on your hard disk and load the installer. From then on you can have free updates whenever you connect to the net or at whatever time you set.

Just a caution - be sure that you download the FREE version and not the trial. The trial version gives you a limited time then asks you to pay and register. The free version is exactly that - FREE.

Best regards

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tech soup

by ctmoore1998 In reply to Antivirus recommendation

Check out the site. As a non-profit organization you can register with them and obtain software (incl MS products) at substantial savings. Note that for some products they have restrictions on ordering. IE Microsoft allows only 2 orders in 2 years for 6 products and not exceeding 50 licenses. So take your time and plan out your Software needs. The savings you get from this service makes it wise to order extra ahead of time. I know that symantec also participates with Techsoup. I do not recommend the AIO "AV,FW,Spam,spyware suites" from any vendor unless you have top of the line PC's as they will slow older PC's to a crawl.

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Thank you for the great suggestions

by LuisH In reply to Antivirus recommendation

Thank you, everyone, for the great suggestions. TechSoup wound up being the best solution. The software they have available should meet our needs.


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