Antivirus scan sticks when it comes to a file. Please Help!

By Cool&Deadly ·
When performing a virus scan, it scans my the several folder and files until it gets to C:\Users...\Windows\Temprary Internet Files\Low\Content.IES\OIE0ZH99 ifr[2].htm. Can anyone tell me whats wrong? Every time the scanner gets to that file it sticks on that file and not moving. Its not like the program is not reponding because it is responding.

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Well which AV Scanner is this?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Antivirus scan sticks whe ...

Have you tried navigating to this file and manually deleting it?

Have you tried running things like CCleaner which deletes all Temp Internet Files?

Also which Windows OS is this?


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by Cool&Deadly In reply to Well which AV Scanner is ...

The AV that im using is Symantec Antivirus. No i havent tried navigating to where the file is located. I should do that and delete it. i tried researching that file and it seems like there is nothing on it ifr[2].htm

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Disk Cleanup

by BizIntelligence In reply to Symantec

If you don't have ccleaner installed then please use Windows Disk Cleanup tool (located in Accessories > System Tools)

Delete the temp files, cookies and temporary internet files before you start scanning.


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OK then manually delete the file in Question

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Symantec

Then scan the system in Safe Mode and see if the problem resurfaces.

Though you may have to Unhide Hidden Folders in your OS to reach/see this folder.

If it does install Malware Bytes from here

If you are unable to either Download or Install Malware Bytes chose a different Name to either Download or install to. The inability to download/Install Malware Bytes is the sign of an infection attempting to prevent the installation of something that can kill it.


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Try chkdsk

by rhowelljr In reply to Antivirus scan sticks whe ...

I had a similar problem that turned out to be a bad spot on the disk. You might want to check the disk first.

You can schedule chkdsk from the cmd line:
chkdsk /f /r

(you may have to log on as or run as administrator)

Here's a link with instructions about using the GUI to schedule a chkdsk.

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