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By tim ·
I need to cut thru all of the garbage and find a good free antivirus/hijack/spyware program. Where/whom can I trust?

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There are a lot, and i mean alot

by Dumphrey In reply to Antivirus software

of good free security products out there. Many are not free in a business environment, but only in a home environment.

Completely free:
Spybot S&amp (antimalware)
CCleaner (computer reg and general clean up)
Process Monitor, AutoRuns, RootkitRevealer (malwware spoting and removing)
ClamWin (AV, on demand only)

Free for home use:
AVG (Antivirus only)
Antivir (AV, but no mail scanning on free version)
Avast! (have to register to keep going free after a month)
HijackThis! (Spot malware and trojans)
Asquared (and a2cmd) (trojan/malware scan and remove)
There are several im forgetting atm but Im sure someone will post some more goodies.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to There are a lot, and i me ...

It appears Avast needs to be re-registered on a yearly basis now. I have been running it for a couple of years on multiple machines and have been prompted to register twice for each copy I run.

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Really depends on what you want to use this for

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Antivirus software

If the above list isn't enough post back with some more details but what has been provided above are probably the better ones that you are asking about.


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Free basic antivirus program from Grisoft

by rcisowski1 In reply to Antivirus software

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