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I am considering changing the server&PC software from Network Associates NetShield&VirusScan to Trend Micro ServerProtect&OfficeScan.(I already have Mail Essential in place for email scanning, and want to keep this). Do you have any recommendations or advice as to whether or not this change would benefit our network?

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I use Trend Mircro

by radiic In reply to Antivirus Software

If I were you, I would have switched Months ago. Office scan corp edition and server protect are very easy to use. I would plan on making a w2k server w/IIS and use the web based install to your clients. **** you can even send them an email with alink to your box and they can install the AV themselves with the click of a button.(No reboot required either)And it will unistall most other AV during its install VERY COOL...The advantage of running the install from a intra-net server...When you make changes to the console of your av it notifies the clients via http in real time, instead of the clients having to check in with the server every so often (like when booting up)...Another advantage is that you can log onto your AV console from anypc in your network (with the password of course)with a web browser.

The best advantage of all is the fact that I can sleep at night now. Why>? Well i know that before I even get into the office my AV has gone to Trend and checked if there was an update available ( pattern files,scan engine for 9x and nt, and server program), it will update all my servers automatically (no reboots required) and all my workstations when they come online.

I also use the scan mail for exchange. It also updates itself for me. And it scans each mailbox in real time mode. Meaning that as the mail is being piped into the box it is being scanned and if there is a virus in it, Wham its cleaned or quarentened, the virus that is the mail still goes. It willeven e-mail the sender of the virus and tell them what they did.

I have mine e-mail me when a virus is found. It will page you if you perfer. I could go on and on about all the features. I think the big thing is I just read an article at ZDnet saying that Trend was the best at putting out there updates. I agree.

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by radiic In reply to I use Trend Mircro

Ive been using for over two years now, and knock on wood no infections of a pc yet. And a biggie is that I have not had any problems with the av running and programs locking or crashing like you here about.

Your making the right decesion.
If youneed any more answeres or help
you can e-mail


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by NICS In reply to Antivirus Software

thanks for the advice. The wheels are now in motion for the changeover.


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