Antivirus software for Windows ME?

By ckalnas ·
I need to update the security software of a laptop with Windows ME. 2008 versions of software like McAfee Security Center cannot be used with Windows ME. Is there any software I can use? The laptop will be used for internet shopping and email. I hate to invest the time and money to upgrade the operating system to XP.

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by robo_dev In reply to Antivirus software for Wi ...

My opinion is that a virus might actually make Windows ME more stable. :)

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You said it right

by nepenthe0 In reply to Avast

Windows ME was the most gawd-awful software Microsoft ever inflicted upon us. I've been up all night, many a night, attempting to recover functionality from ME crashes.

One of my colleagues in a fit of exasperation hurled her laptop across a room. It ran Windows ME. I intentionally use past tense, because the laptop met its demise against the far wall. When she saw my pupils dilate with amazement, she replied: Don't worry, it felt good...

Rick/Portland, OR

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Pointless to upgrade

by nepenthe0 In reply to Antivirus software for Wi ...

A typical computer of vintage 2000-2001 running Windows ME came with 128MB RAM, 60GB hard drive, 1.2GHz Pentium 3 processor. USB-2 did not exist.

You would be disappointed with the performance of Windows XP unless you maximized the RAM (512MB), although this is now an inexpensive option. There have been so many hardware improvements the past 8 years that you would be better advised to scrap the old laptop.

Regarding backwards-compatible AV applications, I don't have an answer, but I have a question: How important is it to you? With standard level of Internet security and some common sense, your risk is probably low.

Rick/Portland, OR

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