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    Ants living in laptop


    by marcolder ·

    Ants have taken up residence in a
    Compact laptop in the Caribbean. Any
    ideas how to get rid of them?

    We have thought about putting it in the
    freezer for 24 hour, any danger in that?
    Marc Older,
    U.S. infor

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      Bomb them

      by cjnye ·

      In reply to Ants living in laptop

      Put the laptop in a plastic bag filled with a bug spray and leave it for a couple of hours. Leave the top up and any connectors open.

      You’ll have to wipe the machine down after but its justs like fumagating a house. If you try freezing them they might just go dormant and wake up later (don’t know if thats what would realy happen but they are resilient little buggers ) If you do put it in the fridge make sure you let it reach room temperature normally nad make sure that all condensation driesout BEFORE you turn it on again.


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        Bugspray & plastics

        by matseng ·

        In reply to Bomb them

        (No, I don’t mean plastic explosives 🙂

        I suspect that some kinds of bugspray could affect the plastic in the casing of the laptop. Ok, the appearence of the casing isn’t that important, but the plastic in front of the LCD is. I wouldn’t want torisk to get my LCD destroyed by using bugspray och any other kind of solvent on the screen.

        If it was one of my laptops I’d rather take the machine apart in pieces and remove the ants manually. Maybe by using a paintbrush and a can of compressedair.


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          My Bugspray thoughts too

          by ebob ·

          In reply to Bugspray & plastics

          And not just the fabric on the LCD screen, but also some of the mechanicals are plastic, and likely to be adversely affected by most bug sprays.

          The freezer approach is pretty good. Wrap the PC in a bag, and leave it for 24 hours. When you pull it out, disassemble the PC and “debug” it.

          Hmm, I am reminded of an old story about an army of Ants in a tropical setting. “Lenninger’s Ants” or something vaguely like that. And then there’s an old B-Movie with Giant Mutant Ants that take over the world and enslave the human race.

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          Protect Yourself from Ants in Laptop

          by bjewel ·

          In reply to My Bugspray thoughts too

          Protect Yourself from Ants in Laptop:

          Do NOT EAT or DRINK anything close to your laptop.

          Problem Solve:
          I suspect you have been eating or drinking something close to your laptop…
          Droplets of any liquid or food anything sweet will attract ants & they will take up residence..
          Its quite possible you spilt some sweet juice or soft drink on it
          They have become attracted to the smell & are just looking for food.
          Its quite possible they are just scout ants
          if this is the case
          & the substance is slight you may be able to get rid of the problem quite easily:
          1st Unplug your pc from everything
          2nd Get a fine no fluff cloth
          3rd Soak it in Isopryl Alcohol The clear kind you use for medical purposes.
          4th Clean all your PC with it rubbing inbetween all of the keys.
          5th It does not matter if a few drops drop down inbetween the keys as alcohool evaporates & it will be fine.
          After cleaning thoroughly you should wait an hour to make sure all liquid is dry so you cannothave any further problems electrical or otherwise.
          If this does not solve th problem then I would suggest you take it apart & clean it with alcohol.

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          Concern about freezing…

          by lordinfidel ·

          In reply to My Bugspray thoughts too

          Freezing the laptop might have undesirable effects.

          ie. condesation buildup when the laptop thaws out.

          I would probably opt for the canned air approach.

          Since most laptop keyboards can be lifted out pretty easily. And the HDD, battery, memory.

          Bombing might be ok, but then you have to worry about dead ant bodies lying across delicate electronics (anyone know if ants can conduct electricity?)

          Maybe, leave one of those sticky traps on the keyboard with some food in it. Maybe it will attract them and they will come out by themselves.

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          Ants conduct

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to Concern about freezing…

          They most certainly do – alive or dead.

          The best bet for cleaning is probably disassembly and canned air. You may need to replace any components with holes large enough for ants to get through (e.g. the floppy).

          Regarding how the computer became infested, such accusations are out of line. Anybody with tropic experience knows that tropic ants (such as fire ants) will eat _anything_, no matter what it is and no matter how clean we keep it.

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          Hmm, yeah.

          by ebob ·

          In reply to Concern about freezing…

          Condensation. Hadn’t thunk about that, but it is quite possible.

          Which gets us back to some sort of diassembly (in any case) and thorough cleaning. I’ll bet that Ants do conduct electricity, although I personally haven’t ever tried it.

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      by sluggo210672 ·

      In reply to Ants living in laptop

      I think Operating Systems have enough bugs without contributing more.
      Since ants are attracted to sweet smelling things, place a small plate of honey next to the laptop for a few days, and hopefully the ants will decide to go for it, get stuck and you spray them in the plate. This way you don’t risk damaging any part of the laptop by freezing it or spraying it, and you don’t have to take the drastic step of pulling the laptop apart and then worry about putting it back together and hoping everything is in its correct place.

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      by leobloom ·

      In reply to Ants living in laptop

      Freezing the Laptop might ruin the screen. I would, as someone already suggested, just do a thorough cleaning.

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        check out….

        by cgi¤001 ·

        In reply to Freezing
        theu just released a small utility (runs on all major OS). AntzAway v1.2
        If this doesnt help, use a compressor!
        Merry Xmas guys!

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      Gotta queen?

      by workinonit! ·

      In reply to Ants living in laptop

      If the ants have taken up residence, they will have to have a fearless leader in there somewhere calling the shots. Not likely, since your laptop will generate some serious heat, and they can’t live in there. They are likely just visiting. The compressed air and isopropyl alcohol should do the trick. Keeping foodstuffs away from your laptop will prevent reinvestation as well.

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      Frozen Ants Come Back Alive!

      by kstone ·

      In reply to Ants living in laptop

      I am not quite sure what you might do, besides taking it apart and blowing it out. Not always the easiest thing to do. The freezer technique might work, but it is like, when you put salt on a fly after drowning it, the fly comes back alive!

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      by soundsetal ·

      In reply to Ants living in laptop

      Leave them a note that will let them now it’s a Microsoft Product. Im sure they will gladly leave on their own !

      • #3426127

        Maybe not a good idea

        by jim ·

        In reply to Note

        Since M$ products seem to attract bugs that may not be advisable.

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      Suffacate the Ants!

      by it cowgirl ·

      In reply to Ants living in laptop

      Put the laptop in a plastic bag and use a vacuum to suck out all the air, then close the bag airtight for as long as it takes!

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      Ants huh?

      by emangrum ·

      In reply to Ants living in laptop

      Have you considered using a shop vac? I would start there. If not I would consider having it professionly cleaned. Approach your local computer store and explain that you laptop has some “bugs” you need to get rid of. Good luck and gods speed!

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      Give it a sunbath

      by bspoh ·

      In reply to Ants living in laptop

      Lift the lid of the laptop and leave the laptop in the hot sun for about an hour. The ants will abandon u’re laptop once it gets too hot for them.
      You might want to cover u’re LCD with a piece of cloth just in case it gets too hot

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        Ants in High Tech Apartment

        by pruittperiodicals ·

        In reply to Give it a sunbath

        Just connect the laptop to a RAID server.

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          It’s been a while

          by bwd ·

          In reply to Ants in High Tech Apartment

          and we have heard lots of suggestions. So what has been /is happening with the ants?

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