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any advice?!...

By cupra ·
im searching for a software that i can use my computer as a telephone over a local office network..i just found those who works over internet protocol (VOIP) and its not what i want..i even have this question, is there any software that i can use on every computer in the office as a telephone? for internal and external calls? my plan is connecting the main computer to a telephone line so i can receive the incoming calls on it and from it i would be able to transfer the call to any employee's computer after installing that software on every computer n the network, and also for internal calls between every computer on the network.
i would be glad to hear from experienced people and appreciate any advice..

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Not sure if this will work

by unhappyuser In reply to any advice?!...
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Skype? OoVoo?

by cupra In reply to any advice?!...

Skype and OoVoo are voip softwares and it isnt what i need..

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So you want VOIP without VO but over IP

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to any advice?!...
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by cupra In reply to any advice?!...

i want VO without IP , what i need is VOICE OVER LOCAL NETWORK ((office network))

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by Jellimonsta In reply to no

In most cases, your LAN (Local Area Network) is running IP. Unless you are an IPX shop or something. If you are running Windows systems, you are more than likely IP. So, you do in fact want VoIP. If you did not want to connect to a main phone line you could simply use any one of the plethora of voice/ video chat software apps out there. However, a good many of them allow you to call standard PSTN (public switch telephone network) numbers for a nominal fee.

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by cupra In reply to Ummm....

what i mean is i want to have an internal phone network between the office computers and ONE of them will be connected to a telephone line to receive calls on it and would allow me to transfer that call from it to another computer on the network..without using INTERNET..

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You want an IVR

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to any advice?!...

The PBX will connect to the server/hub via SIP, and then you'll run clients on each workstation that will allow them to act as phones.

It is a common setup in contact centers.

FrontRange has one that is fairly affordable and easy to administer. Depending on who your carrier is, they may have a recommendation, or even the software, to offer.

I should note that technically this is a VoIP solution.

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internet is necessary on all workstations?!..

by cupra In reply to You want an IVR

according to my office rules the internet access is limited, i mean some computers doesnt have internet..but still on the network and thats why im looking for a software that would work without internet just through the network..anyway i will try the solution you gave..

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by Jellimonsta In reply to internet is necessary on ...

You are confusing Internet Protocol with Internet access. Your local area network uses IP (Internet Protocol) to communicate between PC. That is how the data is transfered between the PCs, the server and any network printers. The Internet also uses IP to send information between any node that is connected to it. Voice over IP does not necessarily mean Internet facing. I would suggest you read up on IP technology if you are going to be managing that environment. The Wiki may even be a good place to start.

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by cupra In reply to IP

thanks for your advice i already know what is ip and im sure i wouldnt be in this position by now if i got missing information about this environment..anyway this isnt my problem and this isnt a solution for my problem and if you cant help or you dont have any advice so dont even bother your self with other unimportant things..what i meant was i need a SOFTWARE who doesnt need INTERNET CONNECTION and thats what most of VOIP softwares need..anyway that advice you gave, save it for someone who's a BEGINNER..thanks again

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