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    Any Advice for a New Software Development Company?


    by angelkrider2001

    Hello from me too 馃槃

    Background story, I am 26 years old and I have established a software development company in Greece. Basically, we build:

    – Mobile Applications
    – Web Development
    – Business Specific Software
    – Software Modernization
    – Internet-of-Things Applications
    – Augmented & Virtual Reality

    in general, anything that has code 馃槆

    As you understand, it’s actually more Business to Business services, as we provide services and not a product. So, I realized that in general it’s quite difficult when you don’t have connections to enter the market and be trusted as the competition is huge.

    Does anyone have any tips to offer on how to actually get clients?

    Disclaimer: we have a website, we have done SEO, we have case studies from previous wokrs, we have LinkedIn, Instagram, we have Google maps, we have joined platforms like upwork and similar others. We will of course also do Google ads, linked ads, etc. In general, I think we have done the basic things 馃槄

    I’d love to hear experiences from other people with similar experiences!

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      Publish or perish.

      by rproffitt

      In reply to Any Advice for a New Software Development Company?

      A company I know did a monthly press release of projects they completed. Then the one page press release was mailed to companies and contacts in the area.

      Today you would do this as well as your digital platforms.

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      Any Advice for a New Software Development Company?

      by ibefindia

      In reply to Any Advice for a New Software Development Company?

      Starting a new software development company in the IT industry can be exciting yet challenging. To secure clients, focus on building a strong online presence through a professional website and social media. Showcase your expertise in mobile app development, web development, and business-specific software. Leverage networking events, join industry forums, and offer free consultations to establish credibility. Additionally, provide exceptional customer service and deliver high-quality work to earn client trust and referrals. Building a reputation for reliability and innovation will help your company thrive in the competitive software development market.

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