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Any amusing April 1 pranks?

By robo_dev ·
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Years ago we posted signs at every building entrance

Fire Sprinkler Test 1:30 PM Today

All employees MUST remove all papers from desks, unplug and cover all electronic devices.

Plastic sheet material is available from your manager or by calling the support center at x1234.

Only a couple of calls came in.

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Nothing great.

by cmiller5400 In reply to Any amusing April 1 prank ...

Just a sign on each door (double door entry) saying to use the other one...

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Here's an interesting one

by jpdemers In reply to Any amusing April 1 prank ...

Have someone forward to you their latest Tech Republic "Daily Digest" email.
Open the email, and click on a topic link. Make sure you're not automatically logged into your own TR account. Post a comment. Notice who TR (and everybody else) thinks the poster was: the person who sent you the email!

The April Fool's part comes when you notify TR about this little glitch. Their solution, and I quote: "Go back to the comment, flag/report as spam and the site moderator can remove the comment..."

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Here's an interesting one

Here I sit broken hearted, TR's broke, and we parted.


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Hold Tape Prank

by parrishm In reply to Any amusing April 1 prank ...

Changed the hold music to Johnny Cash 25 minutes to go.

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