Any better free email clients than Thunderbird?

By Slayer_ ·
I had to remove Outlook express (Version that comes with XP) becaue it would no longer support hotmail. I also have several POP3 email accounts which it didn't handle well.

Thunderbird however, has a lot of irritating missing features or quirks.

Particularly, I do not like how when I reply to an email, it places my cursor at the bottom of the email text, rather than the top, forcing me to go to the top, add some blank lines, then start typing.
I also don't like how it cannot forward emails properly, it always seems to want to forward emails as attachments.

I also don't like Ho I am unable to get it to "Send" with hotmail, only receive. Tried 100's of guides, can't get it to work properly, most guides still refer to using the HTTP method hotmail used before.

How come my hotmail accounts have junk folders, but TB never moves those emails there, even when told to in the options.

And yet my POP3 emails don't have Junk folders but the auto move to Junk does work, it just moves them "somewhere" (haven't found em yet).

It marked the Shaw emails as junk, ok that's correct, but then it just puts a picture of a flame on them, and then leaves em there. What good is that? I could have done that myself. Right clicking the email reveals the humours option "Move To Junk Again". Again? Why is it not still in the missing Junk folder?

So anyone know of a better program?

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by TheChas In reply to Any better free email cli ...

Well for starters I suggest you check the extensions for Thunderbird. Odds are that someone decided they wanted to add a missing function and you can just install an add-on to get the functions you need.

Alternatives include Windows Live Mail. This is pretty much the same email client as OE with a new name.

Pegasus Mail:

Fox Mail may not have full English support.

I'm not happy with how old the these other free email clients are. It looks like development has stopped on both Phoenix Mail and Eudora.

Here are links to both.

There is a lot out there if you are willing to experiment.


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i like

by PurpleSkys In reply to Any better free email cli ...

gmail...don't use it daily, but it does have it's own junk mail filters that seem to work well enough, for me anyway

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Aside from the add-ons suggested

by seanferd In reply to Any better free email cli ...

It sounds like there are a few things you need to configure. I don't use Thunderbird, but the fairly similar Moz mail client built in to SeaMonkey.

Not sure about the cursor at all, but fwd should be configurable to send as attachment or not. As to Hotmail, get the correct settings from Hotmail and configure SMTP accordingly. I've never seen the default autoconfig work well in any mail client - too many variables. (e.g., non-standard SSL ports rather than the defaults.)

Don't know about junk mail - usually that just stays on the server. If you want it, turn off filtering at the server and let the client filter it. You can train the filters yourself.

Not sure about the last behavior you describe, but if you've opened the mail, it is probably a notice basically asking if it is or is not junk. (Leave in inbox, or put back in junk.) Stuff in the inbox tagged as junk is "suspected". Either confirm as junk, or mark as not junk.

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What are some addons to do what I want?

by Slayer_ In reply to Aside from the add-ons su ...

Also, got any instructions to get hotmail working?

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