Any CD/DVD Causes PC To ShutDown & Attempt a2 reboot From It

By count_libido ·
Hi all,

I came across this site a while back and find it useful but never thought I'd need to post. Well I do. And I need your help.

I have just come across a peculiar problem, if I stick ANY CD into my CD drive, my PC tries to reboot and I think it is trying to reboot from the disk ans it flcikers and flickers until I eject the CD. After which it boots up fine. The CD can be audio, a CDR or a DVD.

I last used my CD drive about 2 weeks ago and all was well. All I have installed in the meantime is RegRun Security Suite and similar Reg checkers as I had a potential problem with a trojan. And here the plot thickens.....

The trojan was identified by my AV when trying to DL software from a reputable company Betfair say their software is virus free and that hundreds of people a day are DL it. I have asked friends in the poker community and they say they can DL it ok. But when I try to install the software, my AV says it has found and that it is located in C:\Program Files\Betfair\Betfair Poker\filepile3.dat and quarantines the file. Thsu preventing the software from loading.

I overrode my AV at the advice of a friend and all kinds of exes were trying to access the internet blah blah blah. It took me a while but all seems fine now (hence the registry checkers).

But now I have this CD booting issue. And I don't know if it's linked to this mystery virus that no one else is experiencing. No one esle except me and my mum's PC - which is protected by the same AV (Comodo). She gets the same error.

Please help.


ps: Someone suggested it may be a conflict with an mp3 player but this is not so. I do have an mp3 player but it's a flash drive cheapo Creative one with NO software to install. I bought it last year and I just stick in the USB drive and drag/drop files. I have had no problems for over a year and anywya, as said, no software was installed to cause a confilct.

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Have you tried scanning

by Tig2 In reply to Any CD/DVD Causes PC To S ...

From Safe Mode? If not, start there- Safe Mode without networking. If still no joy, download a second AV- I like AVG for Grisoft. It is entirely possible that something got in and hasn't gotten out yet.

It is also possible that while you were having the problem, something corrupted your CD/DVD driver.

At worst, it may be time to do more clean up. I don't know what registry cleaner you used but it is entirely possible for one to get a little hyperactive and wipe out something that you need. I like CCleaner because it is easy to use and has a small footprint. You do have to remember to run it recursively.

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How long have you had Comodo installed?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Any CD/DVD Causes PC To S ...

As far as I can make out, some of it is still in Beta.

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I also, think Comodo may be your problem

by ComputerCookie In reply to Any CD/DVD Causes PC To S ...

I have downloaded the program from betfair!!!, despite my disgust for the company and installed it on a loan computer, scanned with AVG and there are no problems.

I've not seen the Comodo AV program recommmended, even some of the mags I buy contain AVG AV, Comodo BO and FW only, so they are obviously recommending AVG AV over Comodo.

As far as the CD goes I would first disable autoplay and see what happens. If that works, I would re-install the drivers and enable Autoplay.

There is definitely no problem with betfair and I 'm sure if they did have a problem it would jeopardize millions in turnover and would be fixed promptly

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