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Any CDE'S out there?

By GBlaze ·
How Valuable is the CDE (Certified Directory Engineer) certification?

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It depends what you do

by mizcne1 In reply to Any CDE'S out there?

I am currently in CDE Bootcamp along with 11 other members of the engineering staff. Due to the fact that we are in the process of implementing NDS8 and a single DS across North America, the company felt it was required. I do know that there is over 70% failure rate on the first attempt of the Practicum test, (you have to know what you're doing), so the cert DOES mean something. Also since you have to update it annually, having it means that you are keeping up to date.

Money-wise, it's getting there, it's still fairly new. For myself, there aren't a lot of female CDE's, so it does make me a lot more marketable.

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CNE is more valuable

by rzan In reply to It depends what you do

As a CDE, I don't know if you see the whole picture of how Netware Servers work. Netware servers aren't all about NDS, there are plenty of other things to consider besides NDS. I am a CNE in Netware 3x, 4x, and 5x and I think that I the CNE track is much more in depth about NDS than the CDE track is. Say you design and implement a large NDS tree as a CDE, how will you be able to maintain a healthy NDS tree if you don't fully understand the other aspects of how NDS is affected by the OS itself? Just knowing NDS alone isn't enough. Anyhow, most employers don't even know what a CDE is but know what a CNE is.

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by GBlaze In reply to CNE is more valuable

I'm not sure that a CNE has more in depth knowledge of NDS than a CDE, considering that they actually concentrate on troubleshooting and repairing NDS issues.

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by GBlaze In reply to It depends what you do

I'm pretty much in the same boat, we have some 200+ NetWare 4.11 servers that will be upgraded to NetWare 5.1 by next spring. We've encountered allot of issues with syncronization and replication corruption, mostly due to the fact that we run NWIP/DSS servers. Just wondered from a technical background if it would be something I could use.



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