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    Any citrix experts ?


    by andrew cooke ·

    I am just embarking on a new citrix project for my site.

    I’m sure we’ve all been there trying to type in key words in google to find what we want, and only managing to hit the same webpage over and over again.

    I would be grateful for people simply to post their links here that I can then continue my research to answer these main questions. Alternatively if you can answer them directly or link to a doc directly even better !

    1) The big sizing question. I’d prefer to get a good estimate on this, from what I’ve read so far 50 POWER USERS is the most I can expect from a Win2k machine because of its limitation in memory usage. So I planned on purchasing 1 server and running a pilot.

    However I need to monitor the end user response on the above to prove that 50 users is too much or ok for the spec on server I plan to buy. So I am looking for “CITRIX RESPONSE MONITORING TOOL”

    2) Load balancing / farms. I have been told that for a farm to work I need a SQL server. In addition I have heard that the load balancing is not all that good compared to the load balacing software that NCD selll ? Any views ??

    3) Cost justification model. You know the one where I say how many helpdesk calls I recive etc.

    4) General tools and utils to control desktop access. I normally use scripts and freewar for these tasks

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      by curacao_dejavu ·

      In reply to Any citrix experts ?

      1: memory requirements:256MB for the OS and 50×12 MB for the users so roughly it’s 1 GB on Memory.
      (for comparison I am running 30 users on 650MB)
      Citrix usage scales incrementaly, if you can do a test with +_ 10 users, multiply that by 5 you have for 50 users. In additiion run Perfromance monitor on several key items, like cpu, hd , pagefile etc, to get a good feeling waht the real requirements would be.

      2: you dont need a SQL server for a farm to work.
      Citrix load balance is different from loadbalancing from Octopus for example.
      Citrix loadbalance the applications , they have to be installed in the same way , etc)
      Octopus loadbalance the whole server with another one.
      If you have several servers and with capacity to spare you don’t need octopus loadbalancing in my opinion, but that depends on how mission critical your organisation is , and if you would be able to move the users of the temporary down server to the others, while you are fixing them. (we have 3 TS servers).

      3. cost justification: the users have to mail us for support. and we a program called audit to register the support emails.
      + Citrix has a seperate package to for cost analyses (by memory, cpu, harddisk, etc).(it’s called citrix resource manager)

      4.You can shadow the users , with full control or just view (with or without requesting the permission). That’s built in within Citrix.
      Tools: if it works under w2k it will work under citrix, citrix is a addon to w2k.

      I have thise book.

      and one from citrix themselves.

      Here are more resources.


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      by franktech ·

      In reply to Any citrix experts ?

      Here’s a great idea. Stay away from Citix!!!!!

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        Reply To: Any citrix experts ?

        by andrew cooke ·

        In reply to Reply To: Any citrix experts ?

        Well after reading an ebook from about Windows 2003 server I think I might. However the only sticking point so far is the lack of ability to load balance based on server usage rather than just IP connections.

        So I am on the hunt for utils that can do this. Citrix is of course one of them

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      Reply To: Any citrix experts ?

      by storm ·

      In reply to Any citrix experts ?

      I have been managing Win2000 RDP & ICA servers and Wyse winterm clients for several years now. We are retailers and resellers of golf clubs. Currently we have as many as 70 connections mostly RDP to our main TSserver. Configuration of the server is Dell 2650 dual 1.2 and 1gig ram. Normal daily load vi client is 35 connections. At or above the 35 mark we sometimes run into memory problems if the clients are running Access programs (which they all do) The fix is to reset the connections and they normally log back on and continue. Printing via RDP or ICA with terminals is tricky and sometime unpredictable. However I do not use citrix due to high cost. Instead we use CDS (citrix device services) which is free for use with wyse terminals only. Terminal model is 3360.
      Feel free to email questions to

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      Reply To: Any citrix experts ?

      by ross.bale ·

      In reply to Any citrix experts ?

      Generally, The more hardware you can throw at a Citrix Server the better – in terms of processor and RAM.

      Load balancing does work and does not necessarily require SQL Server as the load balancing is done by the Data Collector server which uses Access – Citrix recommend SQL if you are planning a very large farm.

      I would strongly recommend having a test box to try out new applications before releasing them live – some apps need special tweaking to run on Citrix properly – mainly old apps.

      Cost Justification – this should be in terms of the overall cost of IT Support/Hardware/Software. Citrix allows us to Shadow users and take control of their sessions – this makes remote support easier reducing support personnel and we also find users get trained at the same time. Also, for the average accounts user that only uses apps published on Citrix, they can still use a Pentium 2 machine with 64Mb of Memory and a 10Mb network card quite happily – this will extend the life of a desktop PC from 3-5 years and will allow handing down newer hardware through the enterprise, whilst still making good use of older kit.

      Citrix allows you to publish applications to users based on their user account – this allows you to centrally restrict access to applications and you can also restrict the number of instances of the same application in order to maintain license limits.

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