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    Any CTTs out there? How did you get it?


    by razor ·

    I am contemplating the CTT cert to kill two birds with one stone (MCT and CTT). I wish to start teaching, but have no certs except:
    CIW, Inet+, A+

    I would like go the CTT route to MCT but am looking for a creative way to do so.

    What is the best/most creative way to get the CTT? would you do Train the trainer instead?


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      Any CTTs out there? How did you get it?

      by stephenslc ·

      In reply to Any CTTs out there? How did you get it?

      Hi…I recently got my CTT. We chose to use a vendor-supplied “boot camp” training setting. Friesen Kaye does a great job of prepping for the CTT. Their course was developed in conjunction with THe Chauncey Group, which administers the CTT. I also ordered the materials straight from Chauncey, including the video tape that shows some of the things they’re looking for on the performance evaluation. But, honestly…without the Freisen Kaye program, it would have been very difficult to pass the written part of the CTT exam. The presentation help at the course was wonderful, too…you actually leave the course with a video that is pretty sure to pass the performance part of the CTT test. I recommend the CTT route because, if nothing else, the competencies and skills acquired will help your training career immensely. Good luck!!!!

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