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any data recovery hardware for platter scratched drives?

By hddfixer ·
If there are some data recovery tools for platter scratched drives? I heard many people say it's impossible, is it real?

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If it isn't real

by NickNielsen In reply to any data recovery hardwar ...

<a href="">All the companies</a> recommended by Western Digital have been committing fraud for the past couple of decades.

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Depends on how badly scratched the Platters are.

by OH Smeg In reply to any data recovery hardwar ...

If there is Magnetic Material left on the platters they can be recovered but not by anyone you need to go to a very specialized company who can recover the Data by reading the Platters.

They place the Platters into a special machine and attempt to recover what they can from there. Naturally if the Magnetic Material is gone there is no way to recover anything but if there is some left on the platter you can recover at the very least some of the data on the drive.

Naturally this is not cheap so you have better be prepared to pay for the experience. On Track advertised the fact that they managed to recover 100% of the data off a HDD that was on Colombia when it was destroyed. The drive was found months after the destruction of Colombia in a swamp completely submerged with severe heat damage not to mention severe Impact damage and was recording experiments in the cargo bay of the space craft. On Track also said that another 2 drives from this space craft proved impossible to recover anything off so that should give you some idea of what can and can not be achieved.


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Read data from scratched drives

by hddfixer In reply to Depends on how badly scra ...

Thanks a lot, col, are you one data recovery engineer and it seems you know a lot about that. Do you know some info about that kind of special machine to read data from the scratched drives? Like who is the supplier?

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OnTrack says they design their own

by NickNielsen In reply to Read data from scratched ...

Ontrack Data Recovery designs its own software, hardware, and electronic tools to work with hard disk storage devices.


I suspect most of the others do the same or use a combination of devices from different sources to recover the data.

Wish I could help more, but I've been lucky enough to never be a customer of any of these companies.

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I've used OnTrack

by CharlieSpencer In reply to OnTrack says they design ...

Several years ago, to recover data from a crashed laptop drive. I recall them getting about 85% of the data, and the price was in the low thousands of dollars. I must have been satisfied since I still have their contact information. Be aware these services usually have a minimum service charge in the low hundreds.

There's nothing anyone can do about the data that was stored where the actual physical damage is, but parts of the files on either side can be recovered.

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Not really a generic question

by Tig2 In reply to any data recovery hardwar ...

So I can't give you a generic answer.

The Gold standard in data recovery is Kroll On-Track. They are the go-to resource if you have a badly damaged drive. As HAL mentioned, they have recovered drives that have gone through major disaster. Recovery can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Home user or PC tech who needs some good tools? Consider Data Rescue, Stellar Phoenix, or any of the other recommended names out there. A good tool will allow you to download a demo free so that you can see what it is capable of recovering. The usual cost of the tool is around $99. A good vendor will tell you to NOT buy the tool until you have run the demo against your drive and are certain that it can recover what you want.

Stellar and Data Rescue also offer a technician service that can go beyond their software. A good vendor of this service will provide you with a quote in advance.

Hope this helps.

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Didn't you post a drive problem recently?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Not really a generic ques ...

How did it turn out?

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Data recovery hardware suggestions

by hddfixer In reply to Not really a generic ques ...

Ontrack may repair such kind of faulty drives but they sell only services and software. What I was suggested by another guy here is to consider PC3000UDMA or SalvationDATA data recovery suite. I am in communication with them about their tools.

Thanks for your information.

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Sorry but that is really a Software Solution

by OH Smeg In reply to Data recovery hardware su ...

And requires that the drive actually works at some level. It's not a method to recover Data of Scratched Platters.


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