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    Any Excel Gurus Out There?


    by hull_max ·

    hello all, is it possible to reference data from a merged cell into a single cell? and if so how? whenever i try it i get #VALUE in the single cell. any help with this would be greatly appreciated

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      by hull_max ·

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      re: merged cell reference

      by thumbsup2 ·

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      If you’re getting #value in the single cell, you must have something wrong with your formula. Referencing values in a merged cell is easy.

      Try this on a new speadsheet:

      merge cells A1 and B1, then type a value in the cell.

      in C1, type the equal sign then click the merged cell, then type +3 and press enter.

      This operation takes the value of the merged cell (now A1) and adds the number 3 to it.

      So, if you’re getting #value in the single cell, look at what you’re trying to do. If you’re trying to add/subtract a number from text, you should be using the concatenate function and not the add/subtract function.

      Maybe, if you provided details of what you’re trying to accomplish in the single cell, we could help more.

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      I may have a solution

      by phoenixclarity ·

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      There is also the possibility of how you selected the merged cell range. This does work I have done it many times.

      If you have selected the merged cell range in the formula in the single cell, check to make sure that you only reference the first cell in the merged range. For example, you have a merged range of cell A1 to A3 and want to display the contents in cell B2, then in the formula that you have in B2 should only reference A1.

      Sometime when selecting the merged cell you want to reference it will take the range (A1:A3) which is incorrect.

      If you still get the error, it probably is an error in the formula.

      Hope this helps.

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      I believe this is what you need.

      by fourplus4minus8 ·

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      Try Format in Numbers/Custom/General

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