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    Any experience with ProSavvy?


    by nschwam ·

    Hello all,

    I am considering becoming a ProSavvy affiliate. The price for service seems very reasonable and the money back guarantee they offered me made it irresistible. I am generally very skeptical of any service that “guarantees” projects, I am sure most of you are. But I have had decent reports about ProSavvy.

    Can anybody offer me an insight, related experience.


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      by davidivy ·

      In reply to Any experience with ProSavvy?


      I’m in the same shoes, and I’m appreciated if anyone can offer some tips.


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      by sjurovich ·

      In reply to Any experience with ProSavvy?

      I signed up for the service about 4 months ago and due to a heavy workload, did not complete their “marketing material” or orientation requirements prior to the expiration of the 90 day period for their money-back guarantee. Nevertheless, every time I log onto their website to search for projects, even the most general of search terms (ie. search for listings with “software”) turns up an extremely short list of available projects. In contrast, prior to paying their fees, I did the same searches and turned up literally hundreds of hits, but couldn’t respond to or get project details because I wasn’t a paid member yet. This seems to indicate that they have a bogus project list for pre-membership searches as a hook for new members. The almost $8K I paid has yet to yield a dime in billables.

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      by jackhjennings ·

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      I was in the same boat as you several years ago and gave ProSavvy a shot. I am glad that I did. I believe that I have been an affiliate for about 5 years. I have worked a lot of projects ranging from $5,000 to $150,000 in value. All of these jobs were incremental to my business. That is, I would not have known about them except through ProSavvy.

      I look at ProSavvy as a add-on to my practice. I do not look to ProSavvy as my main source of work. Therefore all of the work through that souce is extra.

      When I first joined as a affiliate, I got a $20,000+ job immediately that was outside of my marketing area. That paid for the fees many times over. In fact, most of the work through them is outside my immediate marketing area.

      I would suggest that you seriously consider joining them. All of the work is profitable and after the first job you only have the commission piece to build into your bid proposal.

      I am glad that I joined, and I plan on sending in my fee for next year. And, I owe them a big commission for a job I am on now, and actually look forward to writing the check.

      Good Luck,

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      by ganoga ·

      In reply to Any experience with ProSavvy?

      Regrettably, after 2.5 months with Prosavvy, we have discovered that the Prosavvy folks and most particularly its President pick and choose whom the requester of services gets to see. So the process is manipulated for and against members – the members who pay the money. We will want to get out as we consider that its method of doing business as unethical. Who wants to be a part of a group that says its working for you and is – only if you manipulate it – hardly what we could call a clean submission system. Pity – because its programming was good.

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      Reply To: Any experience with ProSavvy?

      by tlee ·

      In reply to Any experience with ProSavvy?

      i have just paid the platnum level fees, 5500 dollars a month ago and i am very disappointed with the responses of the services.
      i would not recommend it.

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      Reply To: Any experience with ProSavvy?

      by ganoga ·

      In reply to Any experience with ProSavvy?

      And let me elaborate alittle further on my earlier post:

      We have been consultants signed up with Prosavvy (or for 3 months. The cost of signing up is $3999 for 14 months of access to the projects posted on their website

      We have come to the conclusion that Prosavvy fundamentally misrepresents itself in its web copy and contractual agreements. That misrepresentation is troubling to us – particularly as we have paid you money so as to be able submit responses to RFP’s posted on the Prosavvy site as being open to submissions.

      We started out by being impressed by Prosavvy- by Prosavvy’s programming systems and the response of Neil Walker to queries during the set-up process. We engaged wholeheartedly in the spirit of what we had been led to believe by Prosavvy — from Prosavvy’s copy, Prosavvy’s contract, and a friend of ours who was a friend and consultant ( yes, Prosavvy needs consultants) to David Proestos, Prosavvy’s President — that we would be part of a clean, ethical transmission of interest of consultants in projects that had been submitted to Prosavvy or solicited by Prosavvy.

      We have since discovered that the process is frequently, if not regularly manipulated by the Prosavvy staff and/or its President, David Proestos to the detriment of one if not many other consultants.

      We discovered that Prosavvy submits its consultants’ responses based on favoritism and predilection rather than as they are submitted. Indeed, we sense that many of our submissions were not even submitted to the potenmtail client. We did discover that there is a “hidden” list of consultants whose submissions are seen and another whose submissions are not. We were fortunate: a friend had an in with the President, David Proestos, and she was able with one call to get us put up high on the submission list.

      If Prosavvy wishes to run such a business, we suggest that it charge the project submitters for membership and not the consultants. But that is not the case

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      by rjrussell1280 ·

      In reply to Any experience with ProSavvy?

      My company joined ProSavvy a little over two years ago. In that time period, we have closed over 30 projects with ProSavvy ranging from $2000 to over $150,000. It was the single best decision to expand business that I have ever done for our company.
      The projects are very well qualified and by the time clients post projects with ProSavvy, they are convinced they do not have the resources to do the work themselves.
      To be most effective with the service: review the site everyday, open up new projects and just don’t rely on simply keyword matches and be very specific on your responses for the listed client’s qualifications. Timely responses are always most effective, as clients want to solve their problems now.
      If you are a good consultant and a good business-person, you should do extremely well with ProSavvy.
      Earlier this year I had the opportunity to visit their operations in Englewood. I was extremely welcomed, was thoroughly impressed with their whole organization and even had time with their CEO, David Proestos. The consulting field is expected to grow considerably over the next several years and ProSavvy is well positioned to list a significant amount of business.
      If you’re wise, you’ll want to be part of their growth and grow your business with their service–it has worked extremely well for us. Good luck.

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      Reply To: Any experience with ProSavvy?

      by ferrell.fuller ·

      In reply to Any experience with ProSavvy?

      So you folks that are posting here? what kind of consulting do you do? I?m currently looking to expand my new startup for network consulting for small and medium sized businesses. Are you all developers? Thank you!!!

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      by info ·

      In reply to Any experience with ProSavvy?

      I too am considering joining prosavvy. The stocker shock of signing has led us to wonder if we really can make money off their services or if we would be better sticking to the eLance and Guru.coms of the world.

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      Reply To: Any experience with ProSavvy?

      by itcons77 ·

      In reply to Any experience with ProSavvy?

      I would strongly recommend NOT joining ProSavvy. You would be better off if you quickly forget you ever heard of it. After six months of being a member, there has been one project to respond to. And instead of being one of 5 or 6 responses to the project I was told I would be during the sales process, there were closer to 30. And instead of the consultant’s (affiliate’s) geographical location not being an issue like I was told during the sales process there would be, it is more often a huge determining factor for the clients. In other words, if you are not located somewhere such as California or New York, many of the projects you will see are for clients that will never consider having you provide them services. And if you question the lack of projects and the lack of any positive results, the ProSavvy staff is absolutely unresponsive, uncaring, and unprofessional. They hide behind every clause of the contract, and have no problem with being unethical, as long as they believe they cannot be sued for it. They constantly encourage you to respond to projects you do not meet all the qualifications of, simply so that when you say there are not enough good projects listed, they can turn and say but you responded to as many as they guaranteed there would be. And if you are like I, and you don’t fall for their respond to everything suggestions, and you met all the deadlines for filing your profile and article, they quickly try to find any other clause in the contract that they can stretch to make their lack of results your fault. In short, ProSavvy is the kind of stuff “60 Minutes” has made a successful career of warning the world about. I personally wasted thousands of dollars joining, and I can only wish that others may learn from the biggest business mistake I have ever made. I have received much better results in much less time from, and it is only $39 a year.

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      by nottforestny ·

      In reply to Any experience with ProSavvy?

      How is it now? Anyone wants to get out of / transfer their membership?

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      Reply To: Any experience with ProSavvy?

      by dmeager1 ·

      In reply to Any experience with ProSavvy?

      I am taking a “regular” job and want to transfer my ProSavvy, now eWork, membership. Anyone interested?

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      Reply To: Any experience with ProSavvy?

      by bhornung ·

      In reply to Any experience with ProSavvy?

      I have to re-itterate what has been said about Prosavvy/e-Works Markets. I too joined Prosavvy back in the spirng of 2005 and hers is a synopsis of my experience.

      Prosavvy promises highly qualified leads, the leads have been screened to ensure they actually have a budget and are going to award the project.

      The leads are not very qualified. In 9 months we have responded to over 100 project postings and have yet to land a single deal from ProSavvy. We never recieve a reponse from the client for over 50% of the projects we respond to. 45% are declined without us even seeing the client contact information. We only see about the contact information for potential clients to 5% of the projects we respond to. Of that 5% we only actually hear back from less than 1% of the people we recieve contact info for.

      ProSavvy eWorks promises a guarantee that you will get projects in front of you.

      The guarantee is worse than the one you got when you purchased your new home. Esentially, the only way you could possibly even have a chance to get your money back is if your consulting practice is so obscure that no one is really looking for your services. And if that were the case, you wouldn’t be in business if you don;t have a viable market for your services.

      Prosavvy eWorks customer service is really helpful.

      They are, up until the point when you start questioning them about responses, quality of leads, etc.

      They were very helpful throuh the entire signup process and even demostrating how to use the site and effectivly respond to projects.

      However, thats all well and good but when all your efforts are for not and you start questioning the results you are getting from Prosavvy eWorks their staff seems to disappear and your questions seem to end up in the black hole.

      Lesson Learned….When we signed up I spoke personally with the Sales rep who conned us into this awful service. I should have hung up the phone wh

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      by jfburke ·

      In reply to Any experience with ProSavvy?

      Believe every negative word you hear about ProSavvy now eworks. These people are the scum of the earth and no matter what one poster says about his wonderful experience with them it’s bullshit. Everything that everyone has said negative is true.If you are on the top level and know someone in the company then you might get the projects.

      Just the truth

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      wasted my money

      by roshan ·

      In reply to Any experience with ProSavvy?

      i did not get a single order after registering with them and applying for projects. you get the more busines with cheaper market plces like elance and , Guru. Morover the number of jobs on the websites are much higher than prosavvy.
      save you money.

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