Any Firefox experts on line?

By VAR1016 ·
Hello all.

Following a system restore that I carried out for unrelated reasons, Firefox has gone "on the blink" here. On trying to open a bookmark I get a dialogue box that reads "Launch Application", "this link needs to be opened with an application". There is a button marked "choose"

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox (3.6.3) to no avail. I performed another System Restore again to no effect.


Thanks in advance.


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its likely your .url extension is messed up

by Slayer_ In reply to Any Firefox experts on li ...

Re-set your .url file extension to open with firefox.

This is a video I made for another user with a similar problem.

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Thanks but...

by VAR1016 In reply to its likely your .url exte ...

Great helpful video, but sadly when I follow the instructions "change" button is greyed out and I am asked to click on "advanced" which does not offer the change option.

At present internet shortcuts have nothing to open them, however the problem is only in Firefox, shortcuts do work in Chrome and IE8 but I prefer Firefox!

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Uninstall and reinstall IE8, then reinstall Firefox

by Slayer_ In reply to Thanks but...

And then set firefox as your default. This should correct the file associations.

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At the risk of appearing a wimp...

by VAR1016 In reply to Uninstall and reinstall I ...

How does one uninstall/reinstall IE8? "Add or remove Windows components" merely seems to remove start menu and desktop access.

I have XP Pro SP3

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You should be able from add/remove programs

by Slayer_ In reply to At the risk of appearing ...

I haven't tried, but I suspect simply re-running the IE8 installer will offer an option to reinstall it.

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WRT reinstalling FF

by seanferd In reply to At the risk of appearing ...

The problem is likely in your Profile, which does not get deleted when you uninstall/re-install.

Backup your profile, delete it, and add items back in to a new profile one at a time until you find the one that kills the bookmarks.

Or just start over with a fresh profile, and import your bookmarks and passwords.

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Thank you

by VAR1016 In reply to WRT reinstalling FF

Yes thanks, this worked; I really did not want to lose all my passwords, add-ons etc. Of course I saved my bookmarks and imported them, so it's not a total disaster, but annoying. I have to wonder what caused the problem in the first place

Thanks again and to all who replied.


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Pull your passwords out.

by seanferd In reply to Thank you

You can reclaim most of your personal-use stuff from the profile without risking putting back the broken stuff. You can even use the SQLite extension to play around with those databases.

FEBE and CLEO are good profile backup extensions, or you can use MozBackup (standalone app) for easy backup/recovery.

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Try and download the old Firefox 3.5.1 version first...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Any Firefox experts on li ...

Then reboot and see if that helps with your Firefox issue.

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by kyle_crafty In reply to Any Firefox experts on li ...

I had this problem and that was what fixed it

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