Any free POP3 Connectors?

By StefanVerster ·
Does anyone know of any free POP3 Connectors for Exchange 2003?
I have like 6 accounts to fetch mail for but all pop3 connectors that are free are limited to only 3 accounts max.I don't want to pay for only retrieving 6 accounts....
Anyone with suggestions please assist.

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Exchange can handle hundreds of mail domains......

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Any free POP3 Connectors?

Exchange can handle hundreds of mail domains without any problem (up to about 1000 domains).

So, what seems to be your problem?
You will have to read more and also get a little more training on your server.

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Thanks for your answer

by StefanVerster In reply to Exchange can handle hundr ...

Thanks for posting a reply, but unfortunately it wasn't the answer i was looking for.I know i can host my own SMTP mail via my exchange server.If i wanted to do that i would have done that.I am looking for a pop connector to fetch mail from a few pop accounts(already existing) and deliver it to my exchange server.
If anyone else has any options , please let me know.
PS: Please keep in mind that the server i am working with is Server 2003 Standard, not SBS so no connector included.
PSS: You can never have too much training.... (In any position that is)

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Ok, this might be useful to you....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Thanks for your answer

How can I use fetchmail with Microsoft Exchange?

"S2" is what you need to look at, also looking at the rest would be good.

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Not that I've found

by Churdoo In reply to Any free POP3 Connectors?

I have not found any freebie POP3 connectors that you can use on EX2K3, like the POP3 connector that comes bundled in SBS. Doesn't mean they're not out there, but I know what you're asking and have not found any.

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