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Any Good IT Telecommuting Firms?

Is anyone aware of any good firms that use telecommuting for some/most/all of its IT development?

I see a great opportunity to manage costs if done right and was wondering if anyone had seen anyone using it.

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I worked at a large telecom firm

by James R Linn In reply to Any Good IT Telecommuting ...

where they implemented it out of necessity.

The consensus was that it wasn't a short pay back when you consider the following.

You don't eliminate Xcubes, you eliminate x cubes - y cubes set aside for part timers. Very few people can go weeks without end without some sort of face to face contact.

You have to work harder at formal communications - you'll find that you learn alot at the watercooler.

You may need need additional collaborative tools and more formalised processes for collaboration.

Start up costs - buying some some furniture, a business set, fax machine etc. are much higher than getting it in the central office, so don't expect big payback in first year.

And it works for some individuals and not others - depends on the managers and the employees styles. In some cases, I know of people whose priveleges to work at home were taken away. In other people, they saw an increase in productivity.



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I have seen the same

I have also seen this used in a large telecom firm, with limited success.

One of their problems was the excessive use of contractors and many associated problems of that.

Many of their telecommuters did not understand how their role fit in the organization nor how the business operated.

I agree that some people are not suited for telecommuting and would warn any organization to watch out for it.

If hiring a telecommuter, I would be careful to establish reviews of quality and quantity to work to insure that the employee is working properly as a telecommuter. Part of the employment contract would include terms to dismiss if telecommuting unsatisfactory for that employee.

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Its also management issue

by James R Linn In reply to I have seen the same

Not only does the employee have to be suited, the manager does to.

Some managers manage by walking around, casually chit chattingand taking the temperature of the group, in addition to staff meetings and one on one formal meetings. You can't do this remotely as well, so the manager has to be more proactive at communicating and "reaching out" to telecommuting staff.

I didn't telecommute but I did end up working for someone 2000 miles away. We found we had to schedule regular times for morethan staff meeting updates so that we stayed on the same page and kept up to date with what was going on.


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very true

when no located with the people working for and with, communications becomes key. You need to plan it out and communicate often.

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