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Any help on this would be appreciated!

By miotti ·
I need advise with two sunjects:

1) I have two win2000 Server pc's; both of them have a domain setup, same domain name, number of clients, everything alike, just that I needed to know, is there a way to connect the two servers so that they can see and share files to each other?;

2) I have a laptop with Win XP Home, i need to connect it to the same Server machine described above, the ony thing is that on my client machines, in order to connect to the Server we use the "NetBeui" protocol and, as far as I could see, the Win XP Home does not appear to have that protocol. Is there a way to install it?

P.S. The two servers are set up as domains, but all my clients have Win 98 and are set up as Workgroup! 'Do not ask why,......'"!


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by lumberjack In reply to Any help on this would be ...

not sure at more 1 above - believe you will may be scuppered as they both have same domain name, If they have different computernames then you may be able to change domain name on 1 of them

2) XP home is not designed for networking in a domain environment - upgrade to Xp Pro

3) get the 98 Pcs onto domain and out of workgroup!

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by lyallaust In reply to Any help on this would be ...

1) As long as they do not have the same server name or IP then you should have no worries connecting them (there may be a few issues as to who is in charge, but win2k will sort out seniority itself). You may need to create your username and password to exist on both servers if you get challenged for authority to access files/shares.

2) NetBEUI is on the WinXP installation CD.

To install it you need to open the Local Area Network properties and click Add --> Protocol --> Have disk. Locate the files on the CD and go from there.

Microsoft supply it, but are trying to kill it (ie listed as "unsupported"):;en-us;306059

For the official technet installation instructions:;en-us;301041

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by miotti In reply to Any help on this would be ... Win XP may get into a domain environment?!


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by lammwa In reply to Any help on this would be ...

1) check IP settings so they are both in the same network and that they do not have any matching IP or host name. Have you tried connecting manually?
2)Simply enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP on the WINS tab on your network cards TCP/IP settings.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Any help on this would be ...

My 2 cents:

1) Like it has been said, you should be able to hook up a Trust between the 2 domains (both Win2K servers are Domain Controllers of their own Active Directory domains?). Since the domain names are the same, though, you are gonna have a terrible time with DNS.

2) No, XPHome machines CANNOT join a Windows domain (an NT4 domain or Win2K or Win2K3 domain). XP Home has joining a domain functionality removed. YOu need XP Pro for this. XP Pro can join a domain. Running NetBEUI or not does not matter for XP Home. And you were already instructed on how to add NetBEUI to XP Pro.

3) You can add the Win98 machines to either domain.

hope this helps

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by lammwa In reply to Any help on this would be ...

You do not need to "join" the XP Home PC to a Domain in order for it to "connect" to the servers.
Simply share the files you need access to and allow anonymous users access.
Why are your servers configured as Domain Controllers?

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