Any idea what's wrong with my laptop?

By TcSleeper ·

So I'm new here and a little desperate so please bare with me while reading this.

For ease of reading, basic problem is I boot the laptop and the screen doesn't work, stays off while the laptop runs, whatever, you get the idea.

History behind it; my laptop is a dell inspiron 1546 and a couple days ago I sleepily closed it too hard and cracked the screen, or so I guess, I woke up to a cracked laptop screen. But anyway, after realising it was out of warranty I opened it up and ordered a new screen. Yesterday that screen came and when I installed the new screen it didn't work. Bad times. I checked with the old screen again and hat didn't work either. However I left for a bit while I went off and did some research, came back and tried again with the old screen and it worked so I put the new one in. All good. The day after, today, I boot my laptop to a dark screen. No display, same as yesterday. So I take it bits again and remove the screen trying to figure out whats wrong and go away and research come back a half hour or so later try it again and it works.

However, I had to reboot my laptop due to updates and the screen wouldn't come back on and can't seem to get it to come back on for the life of me.

Any help hugely appreciated. I'm a student who starts my second year of uni next Tuesday and I really need a working laptop for it. I'm also kinda broke.


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Have you tried plugging in an external Monitor

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Any idea what's wrong wit ...

To see if it's actually the Screen or the Video Card that is the problem here?

If the External Monitor doesn't come on then you need to look at what is used as a Video Generation Device in this NB and then decide what if anything you can do to proceed here.

I would start with an External Monitor and the Service Manual for this NB which is available here


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check the cable that connects the LCD

by shafiquet In reply to Any idea what's wrong wit ...

this is might be broken and it works intermittently

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by IcebergTitanic In reply to Any idea what's wrong wit ...

Sounds like you might have either broken the backlight power inverter, damaged the lights themselves, or just broken the connection to the backlighting.

To test it, get the laptop powered on in a state where the monitor doesn't seem to be working. With good lighting (or even a flashlight), try to look at it from the side, at an angle and see if you can actually see a picture there. Often times what dies on LCD monitors and laptops is the backlights.

These backlights work with a high-voltage power converter that is needed to start them up. It usually looks like a small circuit board somewhere in the LCD lid. Most of the time they will have pink and white wires attached to them, real rubbery ones.

If you can see a picture at an angle, then that's the problem. Double-check the connections to the little inverter board, and make sure you didn't damage it.

(Edit: Could also be the ribbon cable for the LCD signal itself, like the previous reply said.)

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