Any Ideas on a dead machine?

By caz1123 ·
I have a machine I am trying to get to boot. When i press the power button fans will spin and power light will come on. I replaced the power supply and have tried replacing the hard drive with a good known and still nothing. No monitor action and no beeps. Can you suggest anything? Maybe I am overlooking something due to frustration.

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Could be graphics or monitor port

by seanferd In reply to Any Ideas on a dead machi ...

Do you usually get a single beep on boot? If so, either the beep volume has been turned down/off, in conjunction w/ bad graphics/monitor port, or the motherboard or BIOS is bad.

Have you eyeballed the mobo? Look for obvious burns, or swelled capacitors.

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Well if you are sure that the replaced PS works

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Any Ideas on a dead machi ...

Try removing all of the RAM and see what if anything happens when you press the On Button.

If it still gives nothing the M'Board and or CPU has failed.


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by j.hostler In reply to Any Ideas on a dead machi ...

I would first verify that the ram is seated all the way, if not a possible bad cpu?

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How Old?

by TheChas In reply to Any Ideas on a dead machi ...

Is this a new build computer or an older computer that used to work?

Post as many details about the computer as you can so we can give you the best answer.

If this is a new computer, check the BIOS reset jumper. Some motherboards ship with the BIOS clear jumper in the clear setting, and the system will not power up that way.

If this is an older computer, look at the capacitors on the motherboard. (round blue or brown cylinders with silver tops) If any are bulging, the tops are raised, or there is liquid on the motherboard near them, the capacitors have failed and you need a new motherboard.


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Reseat the Central Processing Unit

by Jacky Howe In reply to Any Ideas on a dead machi ...

Faulty Fans, Dust and Grime build up on the Heatsink restricting air flow. Remove the Power cable from the rear of the System and disconnect the Video cable. I would give the inside of the case a blowout with compressed air. When blowing air through the fans make sure that you physically stop them from spinning, as they may generate power and damage something. Use an Anti-Static Wrist Strap to ground yourself or by placing the back of your hand on the Power Supply Unit and not moving your feet. This will prevent electrostatic charge from building up and by not taking this precaution it is possible that you could inadvertantly cause damage to the PC from an electrostatic discharge.

Then remove the Heatsink, giving it a thorough clean and reseat the CPU applying new CPU grease. If the Fans spin freely when you give them a spin they are probably OK. If there is resistance replace them.

Clean the golden edge of each memory stick with a soft rubber/eraser, remembering not to touch the golden edge of the memory stick. Check with one stick at a time, remembering to disconnect the power from the PC as you replace them.

Also check the Capacitors around the CPU for swelling or bulging.

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Burial, cremation, shoot into the void.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Any Ideas on a dead machi ...

Sorry. I had to. I tried not to, but I just could not get past it.

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Thank you

by santeewelding In reply to Burial, cremation, shoot ...

You saved me, and how many others, from having to say, rack the slide, look the other way, and, fire.

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Reset Bios

by Brenton Keegan In reply to Any Ideas on a dead machi ...

I would try resetting the bios by unplugging the power from your computer and reseating the bios battery.

I have frequently seen computer with the exact symptoms you described (power, spinning fans but no display or even POST) and this usually fixes it.

I don't know the exact cause, but my best guess is that somehow the bios isn't behaving properly. Removing the battery releases the electric charge and resets it back to default. You'll need to leave the battery out for a couple minutes in order to make sure the charge is gone.

Some newer computers use a switch on the back. If it's a newer computer or a laptop, I'd consult the product documentation.

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by wesley.chin In reply to Any Ideas on a dead machi ...

I have encountered something similar in the past. In the end, strangely the thing that did it was taking a can of compressed air and using it on the innards of the machine.

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