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    Any ideas on a good Malware Archives


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    I want to ask if anybody knows a huge malware sample collection, like 2000-2010 malwares, since I’m starting to collect those and just curious on what they do, their behaviors and everything else, they are fascinating to me and I want to learn more about them thanks for the response

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      Reply To: Any ideas on a good Malware Archives

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      Malware authors often try to trick you into downloading malicious files. This can be an email with a file attached that tells you it is a receipt for a delivery, a tax refund, or an invoice for a ticket. It might say you have to open the attachment to get the items delivered to you, or to get money.

      If you do open the attachment, you’ll end up installing malware on your PC.

      Sometimes a malicious email will be easy to spot—it could have bad spelling and grammar, or come from an email address you’ve never seen before. However, these emails can also look like they come from a legitimate business or someone you know. Some malware can hack email accounts and use them to send malicious spam to any contacts they find.

      To reduce the chances of your device being infected:

      If you aren’t sure who sent you the email—or something doesn’t look quite right—don’t open it.

      Never click an unexpected link in an email. If it appears to come from an organization you trust or do business with, and you think it might be legitimate, open your web browser and go to the organization’s web site from your own saved favorite or from an internet search.

      Don’t open an attachment to an email that you weren’t expecting, even if it appears to come from somebody you trust.

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