Any ideas on how to get commissions on smartphone sales?

By tejasvansh144 ·
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Hey all. I have a site in the smartphone niche that's starting to do pretty well. It's ranking first for things like "best phone for x", which is awesome. I want to monetize those queries, but I'm finding it pretty difficult.

In the US, at least, the vast majority of people get a new phone every couple of years as part of their cell service contract with large telecom companies. Checking the 4 largest telecom companies, which account for 90%+ of the market, it seems only AT&T has a current, functional affiliate program... and I can't even tell if I'd make a commission on phone sales/upgrades or not because it appears that they mostly reward you for new customer signups.

I feel a bit stuck. I think getting phone commissions could really push this site to the next level but I don't know where people are buying phones. Any suggestions?
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Have to write nope.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Any ideas on how to get c ...

As in when I use your site then go to buy you won't get a shekel without affiliate links. I will NOT write about such links as that's well done.

In short, you pick some company (such as Amazon) and setup your affiliate system then place the BUY NOW buttons on your site which is how you get your cut.

I have run into folk that don't want to do this work. They can't be helped.

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mobile firmware flash file stock rom

by varunbhandari99 In reply to Any ideas on how to get c ...

mobile firmware flash file stock rom

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commissions on smartphone sales

by danielbora In reply to Any ideas on how to get c ...

hey there are so many website for affiliate marketing like cuelinks kashkaro etc they will provide you great commission on smartphone sales

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Get Commisions on smartphones sales

by rashmitabaliyarsingh In reply to Any ideas on how to get c ...

As in this era, everyone wants to have extra money from their side business and so from the commissions, talking about smartphones just keep on update on the shopping site for smartphones whenever there is a sale, try to purchase it on that time period if you are lacking by this then go for the premium membership and you have the access before the rest one and just sold it according to your commission rate.

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Answer is Quite Clear

by danialsmith870 In reply to Any ideas on how to get c ...

In US, UK and other countries in Europe mostly people bought expensive smartphones on contract which are offering various cellular companies. Its very difficult to earn commission from it. But if as you mention that you have a site and well indexed with the various queries, then simply join affiliate programs where brands offering commissions on sales based on various rates. You can also choose refurbish smartphones business instead of brand new smartphones.

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