Any Ideas?

By stbrown09 ·
My pc is not on when I try to turn it on. It's only giving me the orange light but it doesn't start up at all.A few days ago it was running but with a loud noise from inside the CPU.Any ideas of what is causing this?

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by PurpleSkys In reply to Any Ideas?
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how can i tell?

by stbrown09 In reply to CPU?

how can i tell if it is either of the two?to make it easier, any easy solution for me please?

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Way too little information!

by TobiF In reply to how can i tell?

I have a feeling that when you say "CPU", you simply mean the computer box itself?

"Orange light" - is that some signal led on the computer case?

The sound you heard a few days ago, could have been the hard drive, a fan or maybe an animal inside the computer.
If you'd describe the sound, then someone might be able to say something more.

If you want an easy solution, then you should use this PC as a nice orange light in the nights, and go and buy a new computer. (Don't forget to sign up for 2 years of on-site support!)

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A true nerd

by santeewelding In reply to Way too little informatio ...

Would take him at his word.

Maybe this is an advanced CPU. Maybe it does have moving, macroscopic parts developed secretly in Samoa. You put your ear to it and it makes sound.

If not that, every Samoan I have met stateside was large. What they say, goes, or else.

Dubai ain't that far.

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I was thinking of...

by TobiF In reply to A true nerd

writing that if you really got a sound from the CPU, then that's a baaaad thing. (And it's usually accompanied by smoke).

Talking of smoke, thanks for the warning. Should I get some welding equipment that I could use in self-defense?

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RE: Should I get some welding equipment

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I was thinking of...

Yep at the very least you'll need a TIG.

Those things work a treat when you use them for the job they where intended.

Santee on the other hand refused to fix this for me.


I caught SWMBO son trying to go out and buy a new rear wheel as he was convinced that the one on it was broken. This is what was actually broken. :^0


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by TobiF In reply to RE: Should I get some wel ...

It's about paying attention and reflect a bit.

There was a time, when I filled-in as teacher (in maths and physics, mainly). The calculators had small keyboards and were a bit unstable. Guess what, several pupils would use the calculator to sum 22 with 46!
And, even worse, they gladly write down the answer that 22+46=1012, if that's what the calculator said...

Make sure you use the TIG only on the bike frame, and not on the son.

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You know what, Col?

by santeewelding In reply to RE: Should I get some wel ...

That there frame is broken. I can tell.

That's how it goes here, specially when child with parent presents an item.



"This is broken. I can tell."

Kid looks at me incredulously. Kid looks up to parent incredulously. Kid looks back to me. Kid, subdued, nods incredulously.

My power of observation subdues them every time.

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Santee do you really think it's Broken?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RE: Should I get some wel ...

I only saw 2 minor cracks in the Chrome Molly frame which is supposed to be unbreakable.

Mind you this kid could destroy Tonka Trucks within a week of getting them so anything is possible.

This is what it looked like before he Broke the Frame.


Actually he didn't break the frame till after fitting Laughing Gas as a way to increase power. OK so the Kit was called a NOS Kit but it's really laughing gas for the motor.


Naturally as this only has 16 Gram NOS Bottles he needed 2 Kits which involved changing the handle bars so he had enough room on the left side to mount the things.

I got a Heat Treated Aluminum Frame to replace the one he broke so hopefully it will last a bit longer.

If he breaks this maybe a Carbon Fiber Frame will be needed but I'm not sure how well Plastics conduct Electricity so there may be a slight problem with the Ignition. :^0


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The only unbreakable one I know

by santeewelding In reply to RE: Should I get some wel ...

Is made of unobtanium. Soon as they obtain it, I am out of business.

Rarely in my experience has the 4130 been treated and annealed to highest appropriate properties. Same goes for small airframes. It's "as-welded".

Same with 6061-T6. To undergo precipitation hardening, you start with T-zero and join with 4643, then treat to achieve T6. Any subsequent anodizing and the color mismatch screams out at you.

In both cases, if treated, repair welding undoes it. Nobody could or want to afford re-treating the whole thing.

This is known here as psychological metallurgy. I handle cases of that, too.


pesky numbers

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