any issues with VMware workstations on MS server 2008?

By samitoronto ·
I am running VMware on an MS server 2008. I created several machines to run our accounting program, a file server, an access database. Each runs in a seprate Virtual machine. This has been working very well and had no issues.
Are there any issues with this setup? Should I move to ESXi server. ESXi has specific hardware requirment whcih calls for more expensive hardware. Also we have a special microsoft licencing $60 for a MS server and few dollars each additional CALC.

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Yes, absolutely yes > Go to VMware ESXi

by robo_dev In reply to any issues with VMware wo ...

Go to ESXi, you will not regret it.

The two risks I see in your environment are that from a backup/recovery perspective, and from a database perspective, you could have some issues.

My experience with MS access is that the term "MS Access" is Latin for 'database corruption' :). Thus you need to be able to make 100% sure that you are getting good backups, and ideally have a way to capture checkpoints (such as VMware snapshots) so that WHEN the database gets corrupted, you can fix it in minutes versus days.

I freely admit I am a huge VMware fan. I run the free ESXi hypervisor at home, and host ten guest OS systems on that (XP, Ubuntu, RedHat, etc). At work we have 20 physical VMware boxes that host over 200 guests: instances of Win2003, Win2008, Solaris Unix, and RedHat Enterprise Linux. Divided into different domains for production, Test, QA, staging, DR, etc.

VMware ESXi is IMHO, the most stable platform next to IBM just works.

vMotion, the ability to automatically migrate VMs between hosts in real time, is nothing short of amazing.

The VMware Snapshot feature, which I use at home all the time, is capable of restoring a total blue-screened and hosed Windows server back into a working server in under five minutes.

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