any model accepts minolta slr lens?

By mpedraja2000 ·
I have a minolta slr interchangeble lens model. a film based camera. I want to upgrade to digital camera and have various lenses of my minolta that would like to use on a new digital model. What camera will accept my minolta lenses ?

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Sorry, Need All New Lenses

by TheChas In reply to any model accepts minolta ...

When Minolta went to auto-focus and again when they went digital, they forced new lens mounts on users.

Thus, any way you go digital, you will need new lenses.

When I go digital, I plan to go with a Nikon system. Nikon changes their lens mounts the least of the major camera manufactures. Plus, they often have an upgrade program for recent lenses when they change the lens mount.


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I'm there too

by JamesRL In reply to Sorry, Need All New Lense ...

In theory you can use all your old Nikon lenses but there are caveats.

On my Nikon D50, my old manual focus primes can be mounted, but there is no metering at all. There is a focus indicator which helps.

The "pro" models, D1, D2, D3 (and variants) and the D200/D300 will mount an old manual lens and meter with it, as long as its aperture priority.

If you have older Nikon AF lenses, you have to be careful about which Nikon you buy. Early Nikon AF lenses didn't have a motor in them, the motor was in the camera body. With the advent of the Nikon D40 and AFS lenses, the motors moved to the lenses themselves. So if you put an AF (not AFS) lens on a D40/D40X/D60/D3000/D5000, it won't autofocus. But buy the D90 and up and you will be able to buy any Nikon AF lens and use it. My D50 is actually prior to the D40, so I can use the older AF lenses.

I'm looking to sell my D50 and upgrade to a used D200 so I can make better use of my old glass.


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Just a thought here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to any model accepts minolta ...

There are quite a few Lens Adapters available for Minolta Lenses but you'll have to look see what is available for your model.

The only one that I know you can transfer Len's from is the Good Old Medium Format Hasslblades as I know my brother was using his lens's from a 500 ELM on a H2 Blad without any adapters or anything at all, they just fit straight in. Of course the down side is that Blads are very expensive, they however do offer a excellent Backup Service when it is required.


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by JamesRL In reply to any model accepts minolta ...

If you have one of the Minolta auto focus film cameras (Maxxum etc, Minolta A mount) - from late 80s up, you will be able to use them on a Sony digital SLR camera. Sony bought Minolta's technology including the lens mounting system.

I suggest you take your lenses with you to a camera store and try it.

If your lenses are from before the autofocus Minolta period (SRT,X700, XG etc) then you need new lenses.


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