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Any Network Administrator, please help me to solve the following question.

By mjabim ·
a local university is bout to implement an information kiosk for students to view their contact details, and update them. the system will invlove 5 terminals installed around the campus, from which students will access the kiosk. These terminals will be based upon popular web-browsing sofwtare such as netscape and explorer. They are not required to access the WWW but only the kiosk system should be accessible.
The campus is large and the distance between the terminals may be upto 1000 mtrs.
a) describe wit a diagram or network model u will use to solve the problem. Indicate the network technologies that will be used and why.
b) describe all standards and protocols that would be used in implementing this TCP/IP
c) mayb the university want to extend this system so students at 2 other campuses could use it. Discuss wat changes in infrastructure would require.?

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Sounds like a homework question

by gralfus In reply to Any Network Administrator ...

Is it? If so, don't go into the field of networking please.

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If you would like to put forward your solution

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Any Network Administrator ...

I'll see what holes if any are in it and offer advice.

But as this seems very much like a homework question to me I consider it cheating by getting other people to answer your education work so until you answer your own question I don't think you'll get too many offers of assistance.


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It's not so hard.

by LukCAD In reply to Any Network Administrator ...

I must to say that, because I have done it. Need Intranet - one computer will be in Server role for Intranet and rest will clients. Net will have model like Star. Server will have simple 8-ports hub for expanding Ethernet from server to clients. Then after that connection, you can adjust connection to Internet for the Admin computer. Don't intstall any kind proxy servers - because your aim - is translating web content by your LOCAL web site. Foe site you can use standart IIS5.0 or 6.0 (see your windows adjustings). If you want to fast developing your site I recommend to use ASP.NET. It's free from MSDN. You must install Framework 1.1 and write WEB.SITE by ASP.NET platform with using Classes for web and windows UI. For translating content to your students from your kiosk you need web site with web services. I can't give full explanation. Because it is so big material, but I hope that you have good guide for your next steps and you have direction.
Sincerely, LukCAD

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