Any one know how to get my ports back to 2.0 speed?

By Hofmann087 ·
Basically, I messed it up when I lost my restore disk that came with my Gateway computer. I needed to reformat because I got a virus so I used my friends Medion restore disk me being an idiot not thinking it would matter that much. So after that I noticed my mouse was acting wierd in-game and I used 'Everest' to check my ports and I found they were running at 1.1 speed instead of 2.0 speed. So now I buckle and buy my system restore disk from Gateway for 20 dollars for my computer so I can do a complete restore and format my drive thinking it would fix it. But to my dismay my ports are still running at 1.1 speed. Did i mess my BIOS up with my friends config or what (I have already tried going into my BIOS and hit F9 to reload defaults)? Any idea help is greatly appreciated.
I have a Gateway 700GR, all motherboard drivers are up to date, and I use SP2 and I have tried unistalling the ports and reloading them to see if they would come back with 2.0

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BIOS, find USB settings

by Absolutely In reply to Any one know how to get m ...

Hitting F9 did not work, so look for the specific BIOS menu controlling the USB ports. Exact instructions are in your manual.

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by Hofmann087 In reply to BIOS, find USB settings

i gotta look it up online i don't have it offhand tho but for some reason my sisters ipod runs at 2.0 speed in any ports but when i plug my keyboard/mouse in the same ports it will not go over 1.1 and says its at full in everest. IDK what it means but everytime I put in the IPOD the everest list it under enhanced ports but keyboard.mouse always go under the intel ones i updated all the way.

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Ah, that's the right speed for keyboard & mouse. No port problem.

by Absolutely In reply to yea

Keyboard & mouse just don't need to send data faster than the speed of USB 1.1, so they don't bother to make them that fast. Unless you're typing a million words per second, you won't notice the difference! Bottom line: this is normal for all USB keyboards & mice.

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the thing is...

by Hofmann087 In reply to Ah, that's the right spee ...

I do notice a different my mouse will act funny while playing games and my keyboard has a screen on it and it won't work.

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