Any online gaming advantages if moving from Onboard NIC to a server NIC?

By Nuesha ·
I have Killer NIC 2100 installed but got usually a bit higher latency than the Onboard NIC. So know I use the onboard NIC Marvell Yukon 88E8056 PCI-e. Killer NIC gave me also from time to time BSOD.

I am intending to install a server NIC instead of Killer NIC. Can I get some comparisons about advantages and disadvantages for latency, bandwidth, etc?

Thank you :)

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The only advantage is that the drivers will be better

by robo_dev In reply to Any online gaming advanta ...

A server NIC will not give you any better performance. The only difference between a server NIC and regular NIC is that server NICs support load balancing, fault-tolerance, and possibly NIC teaming.....none of which you need on a gaming PC.

In general, the speed and performance of the NIC itself is rarely the bottleneck, especially if you are communicating over the Internet.

If you have latency issues with one NIC, it would either be a driver issue, some hardware conflict on the bus, or some feature or configuration that's messed up. The most common issue is that the card mis-negotiates half vs full duplex, so it has lots of CRC errors if the ethernet switch is not set to the same setting.

The only possible advantage in your case is that a good quality (Intel) server NIC is going to have good quality drivers. There is, however, the remote possibility that some of the features that make it work well as a Server NIC might hurt raw performance from a gaming standpoint.

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by Nuesha In reply to The only advantage is tha ...

Ok, thank you! Really useful information. I will not install a server NIC but them one last clarifying point: Is it then better to keep using the integrated, onboard NIC or better installing a separated regular NIC from a performance standpoint? A regular NIC I mean the one you can install in its own slot separated from the one integrated in the pc (onboard NIC). That is, regular slot NIC vs Onboard NIC. I am not meaning regular/normal NIC vs server NIC. Hmm..., I need to polish my English. :)

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Looking more at the 'Killer 2100' specs

by robo_dev In reply to Any online gaming advanta ...

It should out-perform the built-in NIC.

Depending on the OS you are running, you may need to enable processor support in the NIC:
This can be enabled via a registry hack, see below:

Not sure how much difference this makes (never tried it).

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Reponse To Answer

by Nuesha In reply to Looking more at the 'Kill ...

Okay, thanks. I'm going to try again with the Killer NIC 2100 by installing too new drivers. For some reason I use to get BSOD after some time and I don't see any substantial, tangible performance increase. So, I will give it another try.

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