Any recommendations for a Self-Service Print Server

By chrisxs5 ·
So I would really like to setup a Self-Service Print Server. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

My Definiton of a SSPS: A Server that managers printers, drivers and queues. It allows end-users web-based access to manage ques and install printers as needed.

So I have looked into several options none of which I either understand or find affordable. Several options are pretty costly to the tune of 6k for 50 printers and 200 users. Here are a few I have looked into:

Novell iPrint (About 5k)
PrinterLogic (About 6k)
Windows Server with IPP (Too confusing for the end-user)

I have done countless searches, looked into open-source, searched Linux based solutions. I am missing something somewhere.

Now I can go ask for the money to approve the cost of other solutions, but with as much money as I have spent this year, I would like to get the setup as cheap as possible.
Features that would be cool, would be AD integration, mobile printing, user use tracking.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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