Any recommended limits on number of files in an NTFS directory?

By dthury ·
I am working on a design of a file archiving system that could involve several hundred thousand files, on a W2K Server hard disk formated with NTFS.

Are there any recommendations regarding the maximum number of files/folders within a directory? I envision distributing these files across multiple folders (20-30 for example --> meaning ~10,000 files per folder). Is this reasonable, or extreme?

Any recommendations for documentation that may describe the impact of folders approaching this number of files?


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Numbers of Files

by pfarrell In reply to Any recommended limits on ...

You should never design a system to have more than a thousand files per folder. Windows computers can handle more, but performance severely downgrades at somewhere around 7500 files in a folder. Also, users will have a hard time manually traversing a file structure with some many files per folder.

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Something else to look out for

by TonytheTiger In reply to Any recommended limits on ...

is the length limits. Filenames can be up to 255 characters, but path and file combined can only be 260 characters (you can get around the path part by using Subst or 'net use' and setting a drive letter farther down in the directory structure).

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Practical Limits depend on number of users

by csharbor In reply to Something else to look ou ...

We experience sluggishness in our office of 20-40 concurrent users when the file count exceeds 6000-10,000. Our developer seems to think we are crazy but I think that they are ignoring obvious limits of the OS. Any expert advice regarding other's experience would be most appreciated in resolving this difference of opinion.

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