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Any smart thermostats that could turn on/off another wifi plug?

By domtab ·
Hello, I'm having trouble finding any smart thermostat or a temperature sensor that would just monitor a rooms temperature and after the temp hits a certain degree that it would wirelessly turn on another wifi plug, has anyone seen any piece of tech that could do that or does anyone know how to achieve this ?

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Created with SmartThings

by SmartHomeFocus In reply to Any smart thermostats tha ...

Hi domtab,

This is something that I was able to create in 15 minutes with SmartThings and webCore (a community SmartThings app). These are the products I used:

1. https://www.smarthomefocus.com/smartthings-home-automation-app-hub/
Allows you to connect your smart home devices and build automations.

2. https://www.smarthomefocus.com/review-smartthings-motion-sensor/
Allows you to monitor motion and TEMPERATURE

I also used the SmartThings community webCore app, which really allows you to build any automation you want with your smart home. The webCore app uses a simple if this then that approach to building your automation. To test your request, I built a simple automation that does the following:

IF Motion Sensor Temperature > 72
THEN Turn on Fan (You would use your WIFI switch)
WAIT 5 Minutes
THEN Turn off Fan

Let me know if you take this approach and if you need any help getting things setup.



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Did you consider Home Assistant?

by khalil.khabibullin In reply to Any smart thermostats tha ...

Home Assistant is the kind of open source home automation hubs - very active community and rapid development.

You will need the Raspberry Pi or another home server to install it, but it is generally much more flexible than Smart things in my opinion.

Example of Hardware you can buy to start:

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Aqara smart home automation solution

by Maxime28 In reply to Any smart thermostats tha ...

To find out the solution, you can search a smart home brand named Aqara or Xiaomi Aqara. Their official website provide the smart home devices working with Apple HomeKit. I suggest you to get a temperature sensor, a smart plug and their smart hub (necessary) so that you can make that home automation possible. And you can also use your Apple device (Iphone, Ipad, Apple TV) to monitor the automation system.

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Aqara's smart thermostat?

by zhihuixu In reply to Aqara smart home automati ...

Just made a research and find the Aqara official website, but no way to find the thermostat from this brand. Also searched the aqara thermostat and there are some results on google. Can't understant why the brand doesn't present its full range of products.

Was there something wrong from my research?
Here's what i found: https://www.aqara.com/us/home.html

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Smart thermostats

by alexanealessia In reply to Any smart thermostats tha ...

Hello, I have known about the manufacturer of the wireless sensor for monitoring temperature which turns on and off without wifi plug. You can buy from Ubibot for the best experience.

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