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Any suggestion for network monitoring & managing software?

By ocren ·
There is an existing network monitoring software in the company so far. Anyway, the function is quite simple which is only able to show the up and down links status for the servers and the switches. I need a software which has clear indicators to show the network utilization, network health, network bandwidth, network map, and so on (graphic display preferable). Any suggestion? Thanks.

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You could try ..

by thefrown In reply to Any suggestion for networ ...

Solarwinds Orion. It does all you want and more - you can trigger alerts via email, pager, etc.

It is really easy to set up; which is a bonus if you are in a small team and can't have a member of staff dedicated to managing your network monitoring software.

You can download an evaluation copy of the software from:

I found the price reasonable too, and it has additional packages, such as application monitoring for Windows servers.

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by ocren In reply to You could try ..

It's quite interesting and it almost solves my problems. Thanks anyway.

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Solarwinds does not provides network mapping?

by ocren In reply to You could try ..

The map maker inside just provides us to create a network map by ourself. Is there any thing that i miss out? The problem is i have large number of nodes, so it might have some problems to create the network map. I know there are some of the software such as LanSurveyor which is able to create the network by the software itself. Is solarwinds able to do it? Thanks anyway.

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Maps creation is manual

by thefrown In reply to Solarwinds does not provi ...

Sadly, there is no feature I have found that automatically creates maps. However, I would say that I have seen this feature in other network monitoring software before and the results can be horrendous. Typically, the software will poll the network and just dump any device it can find into the map. I have, over the years, seen the effects of this using other packages (and not cheap ones either), and it can make the map meaningless. In my opinion, the main criteria for a network map on monitoring software should be that it is easily readable, and you may find that the best way of achieving this is to create the map manually.

I don't know how your support is set up, but with manual maps you can then tailor them to different roles - would your server people be interested in looking at routers and vice versa - something worth considering. Solarwinds does let you allocate different maps to different people, so you can adjust their view accordingly.

My best advice is to look around and find the system that best suits you; download trial versions and see what you feel most comfortable with.

Good luck!

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Network Monitoring and Managing Software

by tbrock In reply to Any suggestion for networ ...

Hi Ocren. My company offers a remote monitoring and management software called MONgoose. It gives you 24 X 7 real-time monitoring, reporting and a lot of other great features. I'm one of the engineers, so I'd be happy to demo it for you. Email me at or call me at 888-535-5306 ext. 704.


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Try Network monitoring with OpExpert

by nmsolutions In reply to Any suggestion for networ ...

I would recommend that you try the solution from opexpert, which is free and is well supported. The link is

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by hondafrank In reply to Any suggestion for networ ...

Haven't tried it yet myself but will be soon:

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