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Any suggestions?

By nean_72 ·
I am a college student that will be getting a bachelors in Computer Engineering at the end of the summer semester. I have no real experience in the IT or the engineering field. I have had classes in C, VB, Java, and databases as far as software and VLSI and Architecture as far as hardware. I probably feel the most comforable working with C and dealing with databases (oracle mostly). I am very eager to get into the IT field as quickly as possible after graduation. I had an interview with Verizon recently but unfortunately was skipped over for candidates who had skills more inline with what Verizon was looking for C#, ASP.NET, and VB Script. I am debating on going for a MCSD cert after the bachelors. Anyone have any good suggestions on entering the IT field? Thanks

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Take advantage of India

by Oldefar In reply to Any suggestions?

You can specialize in Oracle there for a fraction of US costs, and with your degree and Oracle certification persue your interest in databases.

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Add experience to the resume

by maxwell edison In reply to Any suggestions?

You have some great credentials, but you might consider adding a little bit of experience. And I don't mean the kind where you worked for so-and-so, but the kind that says you did such-and-such.

Can you afford to take three to six months "getting you feet wet"? (Be a bartender or waiter at night for the $$.) Go to some charitable organizations in your community and offer to do some computer work for free - whatever they need. Create some Web pages, integrate some data bases, and fix some networking issues. Do anything for anyone that will allow you to include some experience doing the very thing you were educated to do.

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