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Any tips on fixing a Keystroke delay problem on an IBM thinkpad?

By mike.strazds ·
Computer: IBM Thinkpad R50P
Operating System: Windows XP Professional
The keystroke has suddenly developed a delay of about 1 - 2sec.
Keystrokes only register if the key is held down for at least 1 - 2 secs.
Key must be held down until the character appears or it will not register.
Ctrl Alt Del does not register at all at startup (now disabled)
Keystrokes register normally when typing in the windows startup password then after this there is a delay in all programs.
Self corrected for 1 day then problem returned on reboot.
Any sugestions for a fix?

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good ol' Thinkpad

by NexS In reply to Any tips on fixing a Keys ...

Couple of things to look at...

-are there any processes using a shite load of memory?
-is the keyboard in good condition? (ie: crap under the keys)
-has there been any new software put on recently?
-Virus scanning enabled?

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You really need to look at CPU usage here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Any tips on fixing a Keys ...

To see what is happening. If the CPU is running hard all of the time this could be acceptable till you work out why the CPU is so heavily being used and correct things.

You could also try an external Keyboard through a USB Socket and see if that improves anything, if it does the keyboard needs cleaning/replacing.

But here it sounds as if there is either something recently installed using a lot of the system resources or a Infection of some kind doing the same thing.

Either way you need to find out why this is happening and fix accordingly.


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