Any usb device freezes windows xp

By luc.bresciani ·
Hi! I hope someone could help me. When I plug in any usb peripheral my HP Pallion dv 5000 Windows xp freezes and I have to power off and boot again with no us device connected. It happened first time two weeks ago but, after rebooting a couple of time, the problem seemed to be fixed. Now it has happened again and there is no way to make the usb devices work. Actually the only device showing a different behaviour is the wireless mouse that isn't recognized but doesn't cause the system to freeze. Any ideas? Thanks

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There are a couple of things to try

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Any usb device freezes wi ...

First power down remove the Battery and leave unplugged for about 10 minutes. After that time has passed replace the NB's battery and mains adaptor and power up and see if there is an improvement. That is M$ recommended fix for problem USB Ports with XP particularly after some XP Patches have been applied which sounds about right according to your time frame as the last lot of Patches where about 2 weeks ago now.

If that doesn't work go into Device Manager and delete the USB ports and reboot on the restart the NB should show a Found New Hardware and install the USB Drivers here it wouldn't hurt to have the recovery Disc handy and see how that goes.

If you still have no joy make sure that you are logged in as Administrator and that if in a Domain there are no Group Policies blocking the USB Ports this can apply even when not directly connected to the domain as the settings carry over from the Domain Settings.


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I tried and something changed but...

by luc.bresciani In reply to There are a couple of thi ...

I tried to remove the battery and to replace it after 10 minutes. First time I boot with all the usb peripherals connected nothing happened, I mean nothing at all: I only saw a black screen (OS didn't load at all). So I tried to remove everithing and to boot again. Windows loaded in more than 5 minutes but fully functionally. So I plugged the mouse in and it wasn't recognized. I unplugged and tried with the HH not recognized but system not freezing. Same operation then I tried with the iPod: same as above. After that I plugged everything in to try to uninstall and redetect but at that time windows freezed again. Now the situation is: if I connect a device windows tries to recognize it and freezes, but if I deconnect, reconnect an deconnect again it exits from this state. As I said above something changed but...
Any other ideas? What I'm most worried about is that it could be the usb ports to be burned. Unfortunatly I'm travelling so I can't test the devices on another computer or format and reinstall windows. Anyway thank you for your suggestions.

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Being on the road doesn't help at all

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I tried and something cha ...

But if you can get a copy of a Live Linux from a Linux Mag or something similar at a local Newsagent and boot off the Live Linux CD and see if the problems persist.

If they do you have a hardware problem and quite likely require a new M'Board in the NB but if they go away it's a software problem that is directly connected to Windows somehow and you may have to do without any USB Devices till you get back to base/home and can fix it properly.

If you have the time to download a copy of a Live Linux Knoppix STD is probably the best and available from here


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Downloading now!

by luc.bresciani In reply to Being on the road doesn't ...

If everything will work I think I will temporary migrate to openSUSE, as I know it should support my broadcom wireless card. I have to forget my iPod for the moment but at least I'll be able to access my data on the external hard disk. I'll let tou know. Thank you!

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no chance

by luc.bresciani In reply to Being on the road doesn't ...

No chance at all. I downloaded openSuse but the usb ports didn't work (and the wireless card needed firmware, so I've not been able to connect to the internet). In this moment I'm at home and now I'm sure the problem is in the ports because I connected the peripherals to another computer and they're working. Maybe I could buy an usb cardbus but I don't know if it will solve the problem or it will affect any usb port in the computer, no matter if connected directly to MB or not. What do you think about that?

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This one is very hard to answer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to no chance

If the problem is with the M'Board then a USB PCMCIA Plug In Card should work but if it's software related then it will not have any effect.

As you've had Open SUSE on the System that tends to rule out the Software being a problem Maybe so it may be a solution to your current problem. Really short of backing up the entire Drive or at least the data component and wiping the drive and performing a reload of Windows there Can be no certain answer one way or the other though personally I would tend to be looking at a hardware issue as the Open SUSE should have cured the problem if it was software related.

But that's just a Best Guess Scenario.


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I'll try

by luc.bresciani In reply to This one is very hard to ...

Actually a PCMCIA card isn't so expensive so I'll try. Thank you very much for spending your time helping me.

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Up and working

by luc.bresciani In reply to This one is very hard to ...

I bought a PCMCIA USB card and now all the peripherals are working. Thank you again!
Any idea about what could have burned my ports?

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The possibilities are endless

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Up and working

But my first thoughts would be some static damage possibly when assembled that cause some degrading in one or more IC's. These tend to work till they stop working and provided that you didn't over run them by placing a greater power demand on the USB Ports than they could supply they should be working.

If you have one of the PCMCIA Cards with an additional Power connector see if you can get one of the Power Take Offs to keep the card at max available power.


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could be

by meridenscrafts In reply to Any usb device freezes wi ...

Not enough Ram memory, My windows xp just shuts all the windows when it runs out of Ram memory

You might have a program that is up and running when you try to hook it up. Just reboot clean out your memory or get more Ram memory for your computer.

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