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    Any use or interchangeability between screens in all-in-one AIO PCs?

    by cwatkin1 ·


    First off, let me explain that I HATE all-in-one PCs. I think they are they are the creation of the Devil!

    When you provide IT services for a living, you must work on them from time to time. I recently had a few offices send quite these things off with me to be recycled. I try to wipe as many clean as possible and give them to the local tech school if there is still hope for them such as just swapping out the hard drive or some other component.

    Anyway, I have recently been given several with various hardware failures including power and motherboard so am considering those junk.

    The sad part is that some of these have 1080P and even 4K UHD screens built into them and would really like to make some use of these, especially the 4K units.

    I know these things are extremely proprietary within brands and models so that is one reason I am not a big fan of AIOs. I view them as throwaways but figure a few nice parts might be worth saving, especially since some were commercial Dells.

    Is there any interchangeability between screen panels in these things or is each panel pretty much made for that specific model? I was wondering about swapping the 4K panels into some newer AIOs I have with 7th gen Intel CPUs. The 4K panels come out of a 6th gen unit.

    The reason I am interested in doing this is to make a media player of sorts. Anything 6th gen or older will not natively play 4K HEVC video in hardware without a dedicated graphics card. The onboard 7th gen plays it like a dream. Many basic cell phones these days record video in HEVC so any old computer won’t do. Even a quad Core i7 6th gen will fall on its face without a dedicated GPU.

    All the units in question are 23 inch. I know laptop screens often interchange between brands as long as the connections are the same (I have done this many times) but I have never attempted with an AIO. Is this possible?



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      Just for fun

      by cwatkin1 ·

      In reply to Any use or interchangeability between screens in all-in-one AIO PCs?

      This is just for fun of course. I do have a Dell and HP from an earlier gen that are dead so might pull the screens just to see if there is any standardization as there is in laptop screens.

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      What you need are the part numbers.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Any use or interchangeability between screens in all-in-one AIO PCs?

      Part Number: 6DM4W
      MPN: 06DM4W, CN-06DM4W, 4K6TX, PV92P, XRT84
      Model: LM238WF1 (SL)(K1)
      Type: LCD Touchscreen Display Assembly
      Screen Size: 23.8″
      Resolution: 1920×1080 (FHD)
      Compatible Product Line: Inspiron
      Compatible Model: Dell Inspiron 3464 All-in-One Desktop

      My bet is if I Google LM238WF1 (SL)(K1) I may find which AIOs this fits.
      That search finds they used it on the Dell 3452, 7440 5459 and more.

      Now if you are attempting to use a screen that is not for your model, all bets are off and since the gear is free my view is that if the mounting lines up and the connections are identical then there’s a chance.

      Nod to our heroes here:

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        I hadn’t pulled this all the way down to get the part numbers just yet

        by cwatkin1 ·

        In reply to What you need are the part numbers.

        They are kinda like removing the screen panel from a flat panel TV. There is some risk of damage and it is a tad more complicated. I will try it on the ones broken beyond economical repair first.

        Anyway, just by coincidence, the AIOs you mention just happen to be some of the ones I have laying around. The 7440 has the 4K display and I have a 5459 as well. There is also an HP but I think it is a different screen type. This one is put up but I seem to recall it being a touch screen.

        The Dell 7440 has a 6th gen i5 quad core. I did play around a tad more by swapping a 5th gen i3 into the unit. I flashed the BIOS to the latest version before attempting this of course. Although the motherboard chipset used (Q170) fully supports this, the Dell does not. The 7440 actually uses full power desktop CPUs and my CPU uses less power than the one that came in the unit so it wasn’t a power issue. I just don’t think Dell made the unit to take an upgrade. It is back to working like normal with the original 6th gen CPU reinstalled.

        The other Dell and HP use an H110 chipset which is also compatible with the 7th gen, at least on paper. Dell and HP might not have allowed for upgrades in that unit either. I haven’t looked in detail yet but I think my i3 might also be too power hungry for these other AIOs with the more traditional AC adapter that looks like an oversized laptop power supply.

        Again, this is all just for fun and I am not a fan of AIO PCs because of all their limitations and proprietary parts but they were free.

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