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Any way to change this quirk in SBS 2003?

By Tink! ·
When the server restarts outside of business hours I go to login to it and it asks me why the server restarted, before letting me login. Well duh, I don't know why it restarted until I go in and view the event logs!


- Is there a way I can access the event logs before logging in to the server, perhaps through an authorized client pc?

- Or can I change when it asks me this question to after I've logged in?

- Is there a way to edit or add event log entries? (I can't change the B.S. reason I throw in just so I can get rid of the dialog box and login)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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This is a feature.

by stress junkie In reply to Any way to change this qu ...

Ten minutes of looking around at resulted in the following informative web pages.

This page defines the feature, what it does, and has a link at the bottom of the page for more information.**7-4736-a021-94a39be536a81033.mspx?mfr=true

This page tells exactly how to enable/disable System State Data feature on a single computer, which is related to Shutdown Dialog.

This page tells you how to enable or disable this feature for a domain.**7-4736-a021-94a39be536a81033.mspx?mfr=true

Here is a page that is a table of contents for a lot of Windows Server information.

Is there any more research that I can do for you?

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by Tink! In reply to This is a feature.

Thanks for the research. Sometimes I wish that I was only IT here, so I'd have time to do it myself! Unfortunately though, I have lots of other things on my plate so quirky stuff like this gets put on the back burner.

This last time though it annoyed me enough to post it.


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Glad I could help.

by stress junkie In reply to awesome

Please excuse my attitude in the first post.

I'm glad that I could help, and I learned something in the process. :)

When the dust settles we're all in the same boat. I should remember that before I start writing.

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