Any way to chase down what app is garbaging attachments on a network

By limberlost06 ·
Hello. Until recently, my home office network worked fine with Outlook and a local ISP. I work professionally from a home office but am attached to a university, and get email through their system via cable ISP to my desktop. When I send file .doc attachments now (last four months), most recipients get a .dat file that is garbage. If I go online, send same file on gmail, no problem. I have twiddled my Norton firewall settings, Outlook settings and can find no relevant MS Word settings that could account for this. Occasionally I use the Cisco systems VPN of my university but it is not on when this garbaging occurs.
Question: is this a Windows update collateral damage problem and/or is there a way to trace through the headers to whatis doing the mess?
Thanks for this.

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