Any way to clear Opera browser internal DNS cache?

By TobiF ·
Just in case anybody knows...

As you may be aware, paid wifi hotspots sometimes are programmed to resolve ANY host to the ip-address of the login page. And whatever URL you request from this address will (depending on your login status) either give you a login page, or auto-forward you to or some other (not very useful) page.

Now, I was browsing, when suddenly the hotspot authorization system got a hiccup, and a request to the site I was browsing ended up on the login page.

I logged in again. But now, any new request to the site I was browsing, was directed to the login function, and auto-forwarded to!


I'm on Vista, so brought up my handy command shell administrative level (with green background, so I won't mix with the user-level black window :) ) and issued ipconfig -flushdns.
My computers dns cache was successfully emptied, <strong>but</strong> it turns out that Opera has its own dns resolver cache!
I didn't want to close and reopen my browser (although it <em>does</em> remember last set of pages visited) and started looking for some way to force rechecking of dns.
I didn't find any.

Eventually, after some 10 minutes, the "poisoned" dns entry timed out and I could continue, but my nerdy brain was left alerted to a potential problem...

Vista, Opera 10.61
(This hotspot forwards to the frontpage of the provider + opens a pop-up with a welcome timer...)

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