Any way to fix a black screen? Happens in the middle of gaming.

By bakurion ·
Tags: Windows, Hardware
I have an Acer Nitro XV2 Series monitor and a PowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB and have had a rather annoying issue since building it a month ago. While playing games, my screen would turn black (no sound) for a couple seconds and then turn back on. When it comes back on, there are no issues except that it may happen again. I was just playing Fallout: New Vegas and I got two of these black screens within a matter of seconds and this is the first time it has done that. What I'm worried about is faulty equipment, but I hope it's something with Windows 10 Pro.

As a heads up, I made sure everything was snug and in place. I have not checked for a corrupted driver nor have I switched out the HDMI and played a game with it.
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