Any way to install XP Pro on Gateway Laptop with no Gateway discs?

By dsewell ·
My neighbor's computer won't start in safe mode, has a nasty virus, has had 3 years of her children installing and removing top it off, during her last move, she lost all the discs and documentation with this machine.
It is a Gateway W730 laptop. It had (has) XP multimedia installed. She went and bought a full version of XP Pro and asked me to help her.

Any hints, helps.....anything.........Bueller????

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If she bought a full version of XP pro

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Any way to install XP Pro ...

All you need to do is make sure the machine boots to the CD, wipe the drive and install from scratch.

Before you do that though, you're going to want to make sure you have drivers for all of the equipment which makes up that computer, all stored on external CD/DVD or USB drive. You're going to need them to get the system running again.

And, if she has any kind of files she wants to save, such as photographs or documents, that she doesn't want to loose, you're going to need to back those up to CD/DVD as well.

Once you're secure in the fact you have everything you need to get the system running again and have her documents backed up, just boot to the CD and tell it to install, wiping the drive of all previous remnants of any life the computer once had.


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Pull the HDD out of the NB and fit to a USB Caddy

by OH Smeg In reply to Any way to install XP Pro ...

To backup all of the Data that is required to be saved.

Then depending on what type of Infection that this computer has you may need to wipe the HDD and then insert the XP Pro Disc to reload it. If it requires the HDD to be wiped you can use Boot & Nuke available for download here

You will also need the Specific Gateway Driers for this NB and to get them enter it's serial number here and click the go button. Download these to some media that can be transported to this NB and installed from after you finish the Bare Windows Install. Make sure to install any Sound Drivers before logging onto the Windows Update Web Server as some are not digitally signed and Can Not be installed after you connect tot he Windows Update Servers.

Do Not activate Windows before getting the system working correctly and fully updated.


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Too Late Now

by NormH3 In reply to Pull the HDD out of the N ...

She may have been able to save a few dollars and had the Gateway CD's replaced. For a home setup, the extra cost of XP Pro was really not necessary.

As a thought, some of these manufacturers have a hidden recovery partition on the system disk. Usually a sequence of key presses during startup will invoke the reload process. You would still need to backup her files prior to doing this.

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