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Any way to mark add an entire domain into the blocked senders?

By RexWorld ·
I am drowning in spam that originates from certain domains. I keep adding the individual email addresses into Outlook's blocked sender list but the spammers keep generating new email addresses in those domains.

So I'm wondering if there's a way in Outlook to add an entire domain to the blocked senders list?

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What version of Outlook?

by rerasmussen In reply to Any way to mark add an en ...

I only have Office 2003 in front of me at the moment but I have always just added the domain to the list like or instead of MS says you can also use

In Outlook 2003 you get to the blocked senders list by using Tools / Options and there is a "Junk Email" button on the first Preference tab. When you click that button there is a tab for blocked senders.

Let me know what version of Outlook you have and I will check for the actual process on that version (I have most of them running somewhere. Unfortunately).

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Perfect, thanks

by RexWorld In reply to What version of Outlook?

Ah, I also have Outlook 2003 and your steps worked perfectly. Awesome, thanks.

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All junk mails from different domains

by sudhiruppal In reply to What version of Outlook?

Hi. That was a pretty good idea. But, strange it might seem, out of the 60 junk mails that i received today, none had the same domain name.

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All junk mails from different domains

by FPW2010 In reply to Any way to mark add an en ...

But across a series of days or weeks we often get spammed with the sender as a different names (usually randomized) but from the same spammer domain. Getting rid of keeps the future ones off your doorstep. Trouble is this trick won't stop spammers who create a fresh domain name for each new spam-campaign. For this you need a filter-tool to let you approve an unknown sender before their email is accepted by you, or else it gets bounced!

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