Any way to remove the word Table from "Table of Tables" in Word?

By jonc2011 ·
I am creating Tables of Tables and Figures in a Word 2003 ddocument. In the final version I don't want the word Table to appear on each line of the contents. Is there a switch I can use to stop it automatically including the word Table or Figure on each line. They can be removed manually when the document is finished, but it would be better to automate it. Ideas welcome. Thanks in anticipation.

btw I have no idea why the word document prints incorrectly in the post. Nothing I seem to be able to do about it!

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This might be of help for your "Word" issue...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Any way to remove the wor ...

This site is a little slow, so give it time to appear.

It is in PDF format, of which you can download PDF reader from here:

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I don't know about anyone else

by NexS In reply to Any way to remove the wor ...

But i really don't understand what you are trying to do, or what you have already done...
Perhaps you could be clearer?
Or perhaps I'm just not getting it...

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It's actually simple

by jonc2011 In reply to I don't know about anyone ...

When I make a table of tables (Insert Table of Contents, Table of Figures) I get something like:
Table A4.1: Xyz Policy Themes 36
Table A4.2: Total Value by Country 40

Which is fine, but I don't want the word "Table" in the ToC since I have Tables as a heading. Hope it makes better sense now.

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